Coronavirus (Covid-19) Information

Sports at Bangor


I’m afraid we will not be in a position to refund memberships until we re-open. Currently our building is being used to support the local community and the local health board as a field hospital. However if you are entitled to refund we promise you will get one. 

Direct Debit Members 

All payments were frozen for April and May. We will continue to freeze payments month on month until we re-open. 

When we re-open we will consider the first DD collection date i.e. if we re-open in the middle of the month we may not process the payments until the start of the following month in order to give members the days back they missed when the centre was closed (20th March – 1st April) 

Staff Salary Payments 

All payments have been frozen from 1st April until we re-open. Staff members’ payments will automatically re-start when we open, no need to renew membership. 

Monthly/ Annual Members/ 9 Month Student Memberships / Other 

We will add closure period/exact days onto your gym memberships or refund based on your expiry dates. 

Brailsford Hospital Build – All Customers 

I’m sure many of you have seen in the local press there have been some considerable changes to the sports centre facilities due to the university supporting the local health board and our centre being used as a field hospital. Rest assured once life returns to normal,  Canolfan Brailsford will be providing the same service as before and our facilities will be made good to serve Bangor university students, staff and the local community for all your sporting needs. Keep an eye on our website for monthly updates and social media channels for weekly news.