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News: July 2014

Help in a Blizzard

Special jackets made in Wales could help keep Welsh athletes warm when the competition hots up in Glasgow.

Publication date: 22 July 2014

Canolfan Brailsford opens

This Saturday (5 July) at 8.30, the public will get their first view of the newly extended Sports Centre at Bangor University. 

Renamed Canolfan Brailsford, the Sport Centre will reopen, having been closed for the last two weeks for the final touches of a year-long remodelling and refurbishment project, and an investment of £2.5 million.

Publication date: 4 July 2014

Winning a penalty shootout takes mental toughness: luckily, that can be taught

The dreaded, game-deciding penalty shootouts have begun. After 120 minutes of physically and emotionally draining play, players must line up and one by one take the goalie on from the spot. Heroes and villains are made with penalties, and anyone watching – whether or not they’re supporting one of the teams involved – would sympathise with the players involved.

Publication date: 1 July 2014