Managing Good Performance

A key part of your role is to support and develop good staff. Staff who perform consistently, meet and exceed the expectations of their role are key in ensuring the University’s objectives. What can happen in the middle of the array of tasks that managers need to undertake is that they are the one group of staff can be overlooked as they are just getting on with the job in hand.

It is essential to provide good feedback and support to good staff and their contribution can be recognised through:

  • Recognising the day-to-day contributions of consistently well-performing staff is just as essential as acknowledging the big achievements.
  • Think more broadly how you can recognise good achievement – but remember to give recognition that suits the person – they may not appreciate being the centre of attention – so provide acknowledgement that is appropriate to the individual.
  • Excellent staff will not necessarily want a great deal of support –but never make assumptions, it is important to measure the pressures that they put on themselves to achieve.
  • Also, remember that all staff should be treated equally so ensure that you are objective in your approach to acknowledging good performance.