Success Stories - Exchange Student Profiles

Read on to find out about some of our students' study/work abroad experiences.

Marielle Steinebach - International Experience Year

I'm Maz, studying Marine Biology. I did the International Experience Year, at Victoria University, Australia. I loved the fact that the International Experience Year allowed me to study things I am interested in outside of my degree (for example in my second semester I did Rock Climbing as a course!). I decided to study abroad as I thought it would be a lot of fun, and because it would be a different way of experiencing another country, as opposed to travelling through.

Living in a country as large as Australia, you absolutely have to travel! I did a couple of road trips, one with friends and one with strangers, and one in Tasmania. (Unfortunately I didn't get up to Uluru, or the Barrier Reef.) It's very hard to pinpoint one favourite bit of a year abroad; some my best bits were White Night in Melbourne, seeing Chet Faker in concert, a bike ride through Melbourne, watching an Aussie Rules match and meeting so many amazing people! I feel that I have benefitted academically as I'm fairly confident in essay writing. Personally, I think that in a group of people I can get talking to someone new fairly easily, and that I can do things that I set my mind to do.

Abbi Jarvis - Modern Languages Year Abroad

Bonjour, hola and ciao! My name is Abbi Jarvis and I am studying French and Spanish with Italian. Since I'm doing a Modern Languages degree a year abroad was compulsory for me, but I'm so glad that it was. I spent the first semester in Alicante, Spain, and the second in Nantes, France, studying at the respective universities. I can only describe my time abroad as phenomenal. I continued my language studies amongst native students who were all very welcoming and eager to get to know me. And when I wasn't studying, I was taking part in many ESN (Erasmus Student Network) events such as socials, dinners and trips to other cities. Being part of ESN allowed me to meet students from all over the world, as far as Brazil, China and Vietnam! Meeting these people from completely different backgrounds was a truly humbling and enriching experience - I feel as if my opportunities have broadened, and now the world doesn't seem so big and daunting.

As a languages student, my year abroad has without a doubt helped towards my degree. My confidence has grown in leaps and bounds, both in my language abilities and in myself. It has been the most challenging and rewarding experience of my life, and I would do it all again in a heartbeat!

Danielle Goody - Modern Languages Year Abroad

I'm Danielle and I'm studying History and Italian. Last year as part of my course I had the opportunity to study in Bologna in Italy for 9 months through the ERASMUS programme. Before I left for Italy I was really nervous as I didn't think my language skills would hold up under pressure. Luckily I was wrong as the locals were all very friendly and my flatmates were so welcoming. Although it is a culture shock at first, you get used to it very quickly! I can honestly say that this was one of the greatest experiences I have had and I would recommend it to anyone. One of the best things about Bologna is that there are two organisations which offer lots of cultural opportunities and trips to exchange students, such as ice cream and wine tasting! I was also lucky enough to travel to loads of places in Italy like Pompei, the Cinque Terre and Verona. If you go to Verona you should go and see 'Juliet's House', which was in memory of William Shakespeare's play Romeo and Juliet. Italians are very superstitious and believe that if you touch the right breast of Juliet's statue you will be with your true love forever!

Wherever you decide to do your international experience I would recommend making the most of your time there by trying lots of new things and visiting as many places as possible as this may be the only chance you get to do it!

Kaylah de Jager - International Experience Year

Hello, I am Kaylah and I study Zoology with Marine Zoology. I went on the Erasmus program to Leiden University in the Netherlands. While I was there, I was on an internship program where I looked at gene expression in the limbs of the Chinese Soft-shelled Turtle, which was amazing! Extra curricular, I joined the international students for many trips around the Netherlands and I did a lot of travel around Europe on my own which was a very liberating experience. My favourite bit definitely has to be how many cool people I met from all over the world and riding a bike everywhere around the Netherlands! I decided to go on the Erasmus program because it is such good life experience and the lessons I learned during the year are truly priceless. I have benefitted massively from going, I have a great network of work colleagues and have even been offered master project to go back too! All the skills I learnt last year, I am now able to use in my dissertation project, so it was definitely worth it!

Lucinda Green - International Experience Year

Hi! I'm Lucy and I'm studying Marine Biology/Zoology. I did an international experience year in South Korea at Korea University Sejong Campus. Because it was an international experience year I could choose any subjects that interested me, rather than just ones related to my course at Bangor. Because of this I took a few politics classes studying North Korea which I would never have been able to do anywhere else.

Going to Korea University I was a member of the International Town at Sejong (ITS), a community of international students and Korean students looking to improve their English. Being a part of ITS was a great way to meet friends as there were loads of ITS activities (field trips, parties, clubs) to take part in. I also got two Korean roommates who were incredible, it was really nice to have Korean roommates to help me and guide me around when I didn't know the country or university very well.

South Korea is an amazing country with loads to see and do; I travelled down to Busan, the second biggest city in South Korea and went paddling in the sea. I visited Seoul most weekends and spent a lot of time in Hongdae, the liveliest district in Seoul (with the most students, clubs and bars!), I went out once or twice in Gangnam (ridiculously expensive, but worth it), and wandered around Itaewon (which is packed full of restaurants). My favourite excursion in South Korea was when I took a trip to the DMZ to have a peek at North Korea, one of the most secretive countries in the world.

I completely recommend taking a year abroad, the year was one of the best in my life, and I've made so many friends from all around the world and had so many amazing experiences!

Charlotte Hampton - Summer Placement 

I'm Charlotte, a History/Criminology and Criminal Justice student and I spent just over three weeks at Pukyong National University in South Korea on their cultural exchange programme! I knew I wanted to study abroad even before I came to university and Bangor's variety of choice for doing so definitely helped bump it to the top of my list. I decided to apply as I felt that going abroad would add to my university experience and broaden my personal horizons - and it certainly did!

While I was in South Korea I had a mix of academic and extra-curricular activities. From 9am-12pm I took a class called 'Understanding Korean Culture' where we learnt about everything Korean (from the language to economics to sports). Most afternoons we would participate in extra-curricular activities, this ranged from cooking, trying on traditional Korean clothing (Hanbok), and even attending a baseball match of a local team. One weekend we even stopped in a temple to experience the life of a monk!

It's really hard to choose a favourite part of my study abroad experience because every day something new was happening and I was able to do something that I wouldn't have the opportunity to do so at home. I have benefitted in so many ways from studying abroad especially personally and academically. Travelling to the other side of the world alone was scary (especially when the plane I was on had to turn back because according to one of the flight attendants it was "a little broken"!) but it has definitely improved my confidence and independence. Academically, I was able to learn about things that I would never have known had I never studied abroad! The experience was once in a life time!

Ed Romeu - International Experience Year

I'm Ed, a Psychology student that studied Psychology in Spanish in the beautiful South of Spain! I chose to study in Spain because I have family in the North of Spain but had never learnt Spanish or even attempted to, so I went out with the intentions of furthering my knowledge of Psychology, experiencing the culture in the heart of the birthplace of Flamenco, and to learn Spanish!

I was lucky enough to visit some amazing places in Spain including Barcelona, Cordoba, Ronda, Sevilla, Salobreña, and Almuñecar, and even the Sierra Nevada mountains. The ten months I spent abroad, I met some amazing people from all over the world which are now friends I will be visiting in the years to come, and have experienced living a Spanish way of life; siestas, fiestas until at least seven am, and being taught Psychology in a class of Spaniards.

The study abroad programme can also be a bit of a tough experience, but there is always support from both the host, and home universities! Plus, no matter were you go, there are international and/or ERASMUS student events such as ice-breaker sessions, language practice, and trips. Don't forget, other exchange students are in the same position!

Lucy Kitchen - Modern Languages Year Abroad
Lucy - International Experience Year

Hi I'm Lucy and I'm a Spanish with Italian student. I spent my last year in Santiago de Compostela in Spain studying at the university there. This was part of my degree as my Year Abroad, though of course you can go abroad whatever you study! Santiago was an amazing city to live in, amazing people and so much history and culture. Though Spanish universities don't have societies, there was the Erasmus Student Network, which put on loads of activities for the international students. I managed to travel a lot with them and see most of Spain! My favourite part of my year abroad would have to be Galicia itself, the region was simply beautiful and I miss it so much, I can't wait to go back! My year abroad was already part of my degree but this is why I chose to do languages in the first place, as there was this amazing opportunity to travel. Now most students have this option I would strongly recommend it! After my year out there I can see a big improvement in my language and also my confidence, and also I've gained many international friends which means more travelling in the future!

Christopher (Kit) Heeley - International Experience Year
Kit - International Experience Year

Hey y'all! I'm Kit, I'm a fourth year student on a BA Linguistics and the English language degree (with international experience of course!) In my second year I decided to study abroad on the International Experience Year programme at the beginning of my third year, and ended up in the Native American college town of Pembroke, North Carolina, USA.

During my 11 months there, I studied local American dialects and language policy planning with specialisation in Native American languages - especially that of Lumbee English - a local tribe dialect. I also had the opportunity of travelling to Washington DC, the southern and totally charming city of Savannah, Georgia and many more across the east coast.

I chose to study abroad primarily to refresh my enthusiasm for higher education, build a little confidence and prove to myself that I could push myself completely out of my comfort zone - it was hard at times, but you learnt how to cope and manage and still have an amazing time!

Doing such a scheme abroad pushed me, both professionally and personally and gave me a greater sense of understanding about the world and how my degree fits in to a broader perspective. It's also helped with my dissertation ideas and future plans (I intend to become a permanent resident and start a life in the good old state of North Carolina with my partner, working hopefully in International Programs at a US university!).

In total, any abroad scheme that you hopefully choose to do will benefit you in at least one way - I guarantee it!

Paul Cockburn - International Experience Year

For me, no place has ever seemed so familiar so soon; and still so unfathomably, loveably alien as New York City.

New York was the city I called home for nine months studying at Pace University through Bangor. Pace is nestled in the financial district of Lower-Manhattan. It truly felt like home and, for a part of me - it always will. Don't let anybody tell you that New Yorkers are rude or the city is crowded - because you'll find a quiet space if you're willing to look (and smart enough to avoid Midtown). Noise isn't always loud - sirens aren't prevalent and the streets are reassuringly un-mean. In New York, the city is your apartment - take brunch and a walk along the high-line - stroll down Broadway to grab a $1 pizza-slice (accept that you'll eat a lot of pizza) - jostle past gaggles of wide-eyed tourists when you're late for class - and learn to hate them.

Living just-off the Brooklyn side the infamous bridge, one subway stop out of Wall Street - commuting to Lower-Manhattan daily - never caught up with me; never stopped feeling like a movie.

I lived in EHS (Educational Housing Services) in a building directly on top of Clark Street subway station and definitely recommend looking at their accommodation. Living in Brooklyn Heights affords you a chance to get out of Manhattan while still being in walking distance - and, perhaps more importantly, gives you a chance to appreciate the skyline.

With an 'International Experience Year' I was able to use the year to explore areas outside of my degree. Pace offers a fairly wide variety of classes.

Some folks like to get away and I was able to spend a week vacationing in Vermont over the winter break (that's me looking disgustingly cold in my picture ^ ) - but once you touch down state-side the country opens up to you and interstate travel is surprisingly cheap and easy.

Oh - 61st and Lexington. Write it down. 24-hour Cupcake ATM. That alone is reason enough.

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