Name +44 1248 Position

Administrative Staff

Jones, Becky 382907 General Administration
Albert, Helen 388850 Student Administration
Boulton, Julie 383023 PGR Administrator
Owen, Mairwen 382915 Law Librarian
Roberts, Emyr 382271 School Visits Coordinator

Academic Staff

Owen, Dr Gwilym 383812 Deputy Head of School, Senior Lecturer in Property Law, and Director of Research
Anagbogu-Ezenwa, Dr Emilia Uzoamaka Visiting Professor
Cahill, Prof Dermot *      
Clear, Stephen 383078 Lecturer in Law, Senior Tutor and Mooting Coordinator
Eyo, Dr Ama 383073 Lecturer in Law
Griffiths, Aled 383223 Lecturer in Law (part-time)
Hodgetts, Chaynee Lecturer in Law
Hyland, Dr Mark 382585 Lecturer in Law
Jing, Professor Zhen 383695 Professor of Law
Mawhinney, Dr Alison 388204 Reader
Matsuda, Dr Tak Honorary Lecturer
Nason, Dr Sarah Marie 388165 Lecturer in Law
Olsson, Dr John 383781 Lecturer in Law and Criminology (part-time)
Parker, Dr Marie 388165 Lecturer in Law
Director of Teaching and Learning
Perry, Thomas 383781 Lecturer in Law (part-time)
Pritchard-Jones, Dr Jenny 382798 Lecturer in Law (part-time)
Roberts, Dr Hayley 388884 Lecturer in Law
Shi, Dr Wei 382518 Reader
Siôn, Branwen Welsh-Medium Tutor
Smith, Dr Tara 388634 Lecturer in Law
Thomas-Morgan, Sarah 383777 Lecturer in Law (part-time)
Watkin, Prof. Thomas 382907 Honorary Professor
Winrow, Ian 383537 Lecturer in Law (part-time) and Practicing Solicitor Advocate (Civil)
*Professor Dermot Cahill has left the University and is away on visiting Professorships until the 31 August 2020. For matters pertaining to University/Law School business, contact the College Manager, Sian Peris Owen ( If you wish to contact Prof. Cahill on non-University business, he may be emailed on

Institute for Competition & Procurement Studies

Clear, Stephen 383078 Lecturer in Law, Senior Tutor and Mooting Coordinator
Clifford, Gary 382733 Institute Director, Procurement Research Lecturer and Director of Impact
Evans, Ceri 383766 Senior Supplier and Procurement Research Lecturer
Eyo, Dr Ama 383073 Lecturer in Law
Jones, Becky 382907 Project Administrator