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Law and Welsh

Devolution has been taking place in the UK since 1998. In Wales, which now has its own parliament (the Welsh Government), Devolution has seen a huge increase in the demand for bilingual lawyers, both in the public and private arenas.

In response to this demand, Bangor University Law School offers a specialist LLB Law with Welsh degree, designed to foster Welsh language competency and to produce lawyers who are confident and capable of working through the medium of Welsh.


Our LLB in Law with Welsh was the first of its kind in Wales. The programme combines the study of law with relevant language modules from the School of Welsh. These modules, including translation skills, will provide students with all the legal and language skills that are required in a bilingual legal profession.

We also offer tutorials and workshops in Welsh in all Law modules where these are offered as part of the curriculum.

Resources for Students

As well as hosting a designated open day exclusively for Welsh speakers, Bangor Law School provides a range of Welsh resources to its students and to other academic institutions throughout Wales. These include:

  • a bilingual dictionary of legal terms, available to all school pupils and university students in Wales at a very reasonable price;
  • a published collection of its Welsh-medium Law teaching materials, available free of charge to anyone with an interest in Welsh-medium legal education;
  • a DVD to promote the benefits of a Welsh-medium legal education to potential students, copies of which have been distributed to all schools and Further Education colleges in Wales. Further copies are available upon request, free of charge.

Staff from Bangor Law School further engage with potential students by making regular visits to schools in Wales (and beyond) and hosting an annual Law Conferences for Sixth Form pupils.

Welsh Language Moot Court

Bangor Law School and Bangor Students’ Law Society work together to host the School’s own Welsh language moot competition, the Griffiths Cup.

Mooting provides students with the opportunity to simulate court proceedings and to apply their knowledge in a practical, hands-on environment. For aspiring young lawyers in particular, Mooting provides students with a platform for developing analytical, interpretational and public speaking skills.

Thanks to the continued support of Caernarfon Crown Court, we are privileged to hold the annual final in its main Courtroom.

Find out more about Bangor University’s Language Scheme.