Carolyn Devens

Carolyn began working in South Africa at the beginning of 2012 as part of the field team of the Landmark Foundation’s Leopard & Predator Project based in the Western Cape. With support from the Landmark Foundation, she is now doing her PhD with Michael Somers at the Centre for Wildlife Management at the University of Pretoria and co-supervised by Matt Hayward at Bangor University.

Her PhD is looking at the role and impact of edge effects and private land management ethics and attitudes on the spatial ecology and conservation of leopard across a heavily transformed region. The leopard survives as the last free roaming top predator throughout the Eastern and Western Capes and occurs across a highly variable and human dominated landscape. This research aims to understand the landscape dynamic between this top predator and humans, and the ecological and social factors affecting this human-wildlife conflict.

Research Interests

  • Apex predator conservation, ecology and management
  • Human-carnivore conflict
  • Predator-prey population and landscape dynamics
  • Use of flagship and keystone species for conservation planning
  • Holistic landscape ecology and conservation


2009. B.A. Environmental Studies; Ecology & Natural Resources - Franklin & Marshall College (USA) 2011. M.Sc. Conservation Biology – Durrell Institute of Conservation & Ecology, University of Kent, Canterbury (UK)