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We are always keen to hear from anyone interested in coming to work with us at Bangor as a PhD student or as a post-doctoral researcher. Please write, including a CV and a covering letter about your research interests. We can thoroughly recommend Bangor as a place to live and work. We are situated on the edge of Snowdonia National Park, close to the mountains and the sea. We are lively and friendly departments with hundreds of research students from 25 countries working in a variety of environmental fields.

More specific projects:

3rd Year / Masters / Ph.D. project ideas from the WBP Evidence Gaps Project

  • There are some great research ideas within the Welsh Biodiversity Partnership Evidence Gaps Project (check out WBP Evidence Gaps Register on the right hand side menu for an excel spreadsheet of research projects and you can narrow in on your area of interest by selecting the various menu options). These will fit a range of study lengths. The beauty is that they have been highlighted as important knowledge gaps by the industry and will often involve close collaboration with partners that will improve your employability. Once you've selected a project, then identify which academic is best suited to supervising it.

Job opportunities

  • The SENRGy website has links to plenty of jobs and volunteering opportunities around these parts.