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Ungulates in a Changing World Conference in Krasny Bor, Belarus

Dr Matt Hayward recently was invited to an international conference on ungulate management in Belarus aimed at bridging the gaps between East and West. As you will see, it was an amazing cultural and intellectual experience. Papers on the topic will follow.

Competition within Asia's large predator guild

Tigers, snow leopards, common leopards and dholes battle it out in Asia. Watch Matt Hayward describe research he and collaborators have conducted to explore how these species coexist despite a high overlap in preferred prey.

Protecting British Bees

Imported honey bees from Europe have diluted the genetic make-up of British bees, reducing their adaptation to the climate and environment. Bangor scientists have developed a method that allows beekeepers to identify areas where released virgin queens are more likely to encounter more suitable males.

Large Predators

Here is an extension of Matt Hayward’s research on how Africa’s large predators (leopard, cheetah, African wild dog and spotted hyaena) select their prey.

15 meters below sea level

Matt Hayward talks about conservation at the Australian Wildlife Conservancy's Kalamurina Sanctuary to the Sydney Morning Herald amidst the beauty of Lake Eyre in flood.

Rare Wallabies

Matt Hayward is interviewed by the Sydney Morning Herald about the conservation success at the Australian Wildlife Conservancy's Scotia Sanctuary in far western New South Wales, Australia.

Why nature is worth conserving

Dr Julia Jones, senior lecturer in conservation science at Bangor explains why nature is worth conserving.

Meet the lemurs fundraising event

Julia Jones and a Bangor conservation student Voahirana Randriamamonjy talk about a fundraising evening organised by Conservation@Bangor

Dr Julia Jones' Introduction to Madagascar

Julia Jones explains why she loves Madagascar, and Madagascar's surprisingly deep links with Wales.

Making Snowdonia from the School of Environment

Students loving the Making Snowdonia module in 1st year. Views of Newborough on Ynys Mon (Anglesey) and the University's Henfaes Farm and Aber Falls at Abergwyngregyn.

How do lions select dinner?

A video of research on lion prey preferences by Matt Hayward.

Matt Hayward's work for the Australian Wildlife Conservancy

Watch Matt Hayward interviewed on USA's ABC Nightline about conservation issues affecting kangaroos and wallabies and his work for the Australian Wildlife Conservancy.

Matt Hayward's work at the Kalamurina Sanctuary

Matt Hayward in the centre of Australia and the work done at Kalamurina Sanctuary by the Australian Wildlife Conservancy in a spectacular special segment of 7's Sunday Night program.

AWC Kalamurina Station

Watch Matt Hayward at the Kalamurina Wildlife Sanctuary is a film highlighting the importance of the conservation work done in this iconic part of Australia.