Bangor’s graduates - more satisfied than the average student

As the annual scramble for university places gets underway, those students heading for Bangor University will be pleased to know that they’ll be joining some of Wales’s most satisfied students.

The results of the latest national student satisfaction survey reflect well on the teaching and student care provided to Bangor University’s students.
Yet again this year, Bangor’s graduating students reported that they were 86% satisfied with their university experience, a level of satisfaction above both the Wales and UK average. The results place Bangor alongside Cardiff University, as joint second among Wales’ universities.

Students completing degrees at the University’s Schools of Education, Psychology, and Sport, Health & Exercise Sciences at the University were particularly satisfied with their experience, putting the Schools among the top in the UK in those subjects according to the student experience.
Education was placed in top place in the UK according to student satisfaction, Psychology in 5th place and Sport Sciences in 10th place.

“Year on year, our goal is to further improve the student experience at Bangor,” said Professor Colin Baker, Pro Vice Chancellor at Bangor University.

"The National Student Survey provides important information for prospective students researching what course to follow at which University. Our focus at Bangor is on providing a high quality teaching and learning experience for our students. The results of this and our own surveys assist us in improving the education and student experience for all our students," he added.

The teaching, assessment and feedback were the areas which Bangor’s students rated most highly, with above average levels of satisfaction reported.

Publication date: 17 August 2011