IT Facilities

The School of Ocean Sciences has similar IT facilities to those offered by the main Computing Laboratory in Bangor . There are open access computer rooms situated in Craig Mair, Rooms CM205A and CM308.

Open Access Computer Rooms

The computers in the open access labs have identical software applications to those available in the main computing lab, please refer to the main Information Service website for further details. At some times these rooms may be booked for teaching. There will usually be a note on the door when teaching is occuring, please respect the notice and don't walk in during these times.

Fault Reporting And Helpdesk Enquiries

If you wish to log any faults or require assistance then please either:

e-mail or telephone extension 8111.

Your query will then be logged and passed to the relevant person for resolution. This is by far the most efficient way of having your problems rectified.

Acceptable Use Policy

Users of Ocean Science IT facilities are reminded of the University's Acceptable Use Policy . Please familiarise yourself with this as any breech of the policy is likely to end up in the suspension of your IT access thoughout the Univeristy.