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Why continue to study beyond the Bachelor's degree?

A postgraduate degree is:

An investment in your professional future

The process of getting a job in psychology is becoming increasingly more competitive, and successful candidates are expected to have some further training or specialisation in a particular area. So you might be interested in undertaking an advanced postgraduate programme or in doing research to improve your career prospects. Having a postgraduate qualification on your CV shows employers not only your higher academic level and analytic skills but also your self-motivation, interest and determination--all qualities needed to succeed in a career.

A way to update your skills

Learning new skills is a life-long process. However, due to a variety of circumstances, you might be experiencing some difficulties in getting these skills up to date. Some training can help you to fill gaps and enhance your career prospects.

A way to change disciplines

There are occasions when people are not satisfied with the careers they once chose. Maybe they have worked too long in the same field, have worked in different jobs without the success that they expected, or have simply become more and more interested in psychology. A career in psychology is exciting and full of possibilities, and a postgraduate degree can open the door for your future as a psychologist.

An enjoyable pursuit in its own right

You may simply enjoy studying psychology at a higher level because this is the opportunity to examine a favourite subject in greater detail and to continue life as a student.

Why study at Bangor?

Bangor University was founded over a century ago and now has over 11000 students. The School of Psychology at Bangor is one of the country's leading Psychology departments. As a postgraduate in Psychology, you will be working with internationally renowned researchers and making use of superb research facilities. Our academic members of staff not only teach well, but also produce research of the highest quality, with influences in the public sector as well as in industry and the academic world.

We are committed to giving our postgraduates the best possible training. Our postgraduate students benefit from the interaction of an international research environment and careful attention to the quality of teaching at all levels. We are also committed to providing our students with the best possible help to secure funding for their studies and offer 1+3 studentships open to all and bursaries for international students. We also assist students to obtain funding through University sources and through external sources such as the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC).

Bangor is a great place to live and study. If, once you have browsed through our website, you want to know more about postgraduate courses in Psychology at Bangor, we hope you will get in touch or come and visit us.