Mike Beverley

Mike Beverley

Personal Profile

Mike is the Director of Student Assessment and Feedback in the School of Psychology here at Bangor. He is a Senior Lecturer and part of the teaching team that provide pastoral care to first-year undergraduate students.

Mike Beverley graduated from Liverpool John Moores University in 1995 (having studied there as a mature student), and later completed his postgraduate studies here at Bangor. He has been part of the Research Methods team at Bangor since 1996, so teaches statistics and how to use the software package SPSS to students. Mike is also a keen Welsh learner who is committed to learning the language to such a level that he will be able to converse fittingly with first language Welsh speakers.

He enjoys his work with a passion.

“In what other profession could I help students learn interesting things (such as statistics and Precision Teaching); work with children in schools who are failing academically to help them close the gap between themselves and their peers; and get to learn new things everyday (whilst on full pay). What cannot be considered good about that – La Dolce Vita”.

Teaching Interests

Mike teaches modules across all three undergraduate years and to Masters students. He is Module Organiser on the Year One “Research Methods” module, which all year one students take in semester two. He is also Module Organiser and lecturer on a specialised year three module – Evidence-Based Behavioural Methods of Education. This module looks at research proven methods of teaching and many students who take the module have gone on to further training to gain employment as teachers.

He obtained the Teacher in Higher Education (tHE) postgraduate qualification in 2003 and is a member of the University’s Academy of Teaching Fellows; in 2009 he was awarded a Teaching Fellowship in recognition of his outstanding contribution to teaching and pastoral care.

Research Interests

His research interests in the last few years have been broadly focused on educational applications of behaviour analysis and more specifically in the use of Precision Teaching and Direct Instruction. Mike supervises undergraduate and Masters students with their research projects and often these projects are conducted in local schools with children who are failing academically (e.g., maths, writing, spelling, and reading).  He has conducted training workshops in Precision Teaching in the UK, Spain, Italy, and Norway and has presented research at the EABG, EABA, and ABAI international conferences. 

Mike is on the editorial board of the European Journal of Behavior Analysis and is also a consulting editor on the Journal of Precision Teaching.

Mike’s Twitter feed: @DrMikeBeverley
Mike’s wordpress blog: drmikebeverley.wordpress.com

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