Team Profiles

The School of Psychology is proud to have a dedicated teaching team to focus on ensuring high quality teaching and pastoral care to all students. All members of the teaching team are based in the Wheldon Building and these are the academics that you are likely to have most contact with during your degree at Bangor (especially in your first year).

Our staff are 'jolly good fellows!'

We are proud to report that several of our teaching team members have won Teaching Fellowship Awards in recognition of their outstanding contribution to teaching, and are now members of the Bangor University Academy of Teaching Fellows! We also have a number of staff who have been recognised by Higher Education Academy for their teaching excellence and awarded a prestigous National Teaching Fellow Award.

Recognised Academics

Each of the teaching team members are recognised academics with a solid publication record in psychology and a diverse range of research interests. Several members of the team have been recognised for their research (including an award from the American Psychological Association). However, these lecturers are also extremely dedicated to the teaching of science (in fact, some of them have the science of teaching as their research field) and they all work together to ensure that the teaching provision in the School of Psychology is effective, innovative, and exciting. If you want to find out more about the teaching team, then this is the place to discover what Dr Short teaches or what Dr Bowman researches. Just click on the pictures below or the links in the menu to read the individual personal profiles for each member.

Stephanie Baines

Read Stephanie's profile here

Mike Beverley

Read Mike's profile here

Caroline Bowman

Caroline Bowman

Read Caroline's profile here

Awel Vaughan-Evans

Read Awel's profile here

Image of Fran Cole

Fran Garrad-Cole

Read Fran's profile here

image of Thandiwe Gilder

Thandiwe Gilder

Read Thandi's profile here

image of nia

Nia Griffith

Read Nia's profile here

Gareth Harvey

Read Gareth's profile here

Steve Hosier

Read Steve's profile here

Azlina Amir Kassim 

Read Azlina's profile here

Image of Tracey

Tracey Lloyd

Read Tracey's profile here

Helen Morgan

Read Helen's profile here

Judith Roberts

Read Judith's profile here

Image fo Fay Short

Fay Short

Read Fay's profile here

Simon Viktor

Read Simon's profile here

This team lead the teaching activity within the School and are the most heavily involved, particularly in the 1st year, but all our 50+ Academic Faculty are involved in teaching and you can find out who they are and what their research interests are here.