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The Restoration

  23 July 2024 – 25 July 2024

  Bangor University, Bangor, North Wales, LL57 2DG

  Tony Claydon t.claydon@bangor.ac.uk 


Please note: this is a provisional programme – exact paper titles and positions within panels may change slightly, all conferences can suffer last-minute withdrawals, and some chairs are to be determined, but it gives a good indication of the shape of the conference.

13:45 Plenary Lecture (Lecture Room 4)

Martin Dzelzainis: Four Elegies and a Funeral: negotiating the Restoration
Chair: Tom Corns

15:00 Tea (Lecture Room 2)

15:30 Panels

Reconciliation and its failure in Restoration literature (Lecture Room 4)

Helen Wilcox 'Violated Vows ... never go unpunished': the failure of reconciliation in Behn's prose fiction.
Tom Corns: Paradise Lost: reconciliation (and resistance) of sorts.
Laura Knoppers: “My Wife, My Traitress”: Milton’s Unreconciled Samson.
Chair: Achsah Guibbory

Reconciliation and the succession settlements post 1689 (Lecture Room 3)

Alison Shell: Jeremy Collier and non-juring literature
Nigel Aston: Before the ‘Venetian oligarchy’: the failure to establish a cross-party ministry, 1714-15
Austen Saunders: Non-juror book collecting

Chair: to be confirmed 

17:00 End of panels – break to allow check in to accommodation

18:45 Buffet (Cledwyn Room 3 - for those who have ordered this)

20:15 Plenary Panel

Lessons from contemporary truth, reconciliation, and peace processes. Discussion led by Alys Brown, and Martin Frampton, Clive Glaser.
Chair: Tony Claydon

21:45 End

08:30 Light breakfast and coffee available in Powis Hall.

09:15 Plenary Lecture (Lecture Room 4)

William Pettigrew: ‘Royal African Companies: Trading in Enslaved Africans to Unify Restoration Society’.
Chair: David Veevers

10:30 Coffee (Lecture Room 2)

11:00 Panels

Reconciliation in the 1660s (Lecture Room 4)

David Appleby: Indigent royalist veterans: unwilling agents of national reconciliation 1660-1684
Tristram Griffin: ‘Popular Royalism: reconciliation, celebration and/or revenge in Restoration media’.
Newton Key: “Repairing the Breach: Reconciliation and Unity in Restoration Sermons.”
Chair: to be confirmed 

Reconciliation in and beyond Europe (Lecture Room 3)

David Veevers: Peace-making and reconciliation in the Indian Ocean
Dr William White (University of Hertfordshire) Peace-making and reconciliation in the British Atlantic
Haig Smith: The 1684 abolition of the Massachusetts Bay Company
Chair: to be confirmed 

12:30 Lunch (Powis Hall)

13:30 Plenary Lecture (Lecture Room 4)

Alasdair Raffe: Reconciliation and Fragmentation in Scottish Protestantism, 1660-1715
Chair: Tony Claydon

14:45 Tea (Lecture Room 2)

15:15 Panels

Religion and reconciliation – part one (Lecture Room 4)

Tim Cooper: Richard Baxter, William Johnson, and the Failure of Reconciliation.
Ben Sharpe: Danby and the 1675 Test Act
Chair: to be confirmed 

Reconciliation and letters – part one (Lecture Room 3)

Mark Knights: Reconciliation and Division in the Life and Work of James Boevey, Merchant-Philosopher.
Hannah Straw: Reconciling Rochester: Reevaluating Gilbert Burnet’s Some Passages of the Life and Death of the Right Honourable John Earl of Rochester
Chair: to be confirmed 

16:15 Ten minute break

16:25 Panels

Reconciliation and letters (part 2) (Lecture Room 4)

Anna Pravdica: Honesty, Hypocrisy, and Radical Belief in Post-Restoration England.
David Fletcher: Reconciliation and religious coexistence in new plays after the Glorious Revolution.
Chair as for part one

Reconciliation and religion (part 2) (Lecture Room 3)

Thomas Clifton: Reviewing, Rewriting, and Reconciling Spiritual Identity in Elizabeth Delaval’s Meditations and Memoirs
Chair as for part one

17:25 End of panels

19:00 Dinner (for those who have ordered this – Reichel Dining Hall)

08:30 Coffee and light breakfast available in Powis Hall

09:15 Plenary Lecture (Lecture Room 4)

Valerie Rumbold (Birmingham): Awkward print: making the unreconciled Swift

10:30 Coffee (Lecture Room 2)

11:00 Panels

Responses to the restoration in Britain (Lecture Room 4)

Waseem Ahmed (UCL) The Politics of Survival: ‘Monarchical Cromwellians and the use of apology tracts at the Restoration

Dr Gabriel Glickman (University of Cambridge) Migration of political dissidents at the Restoration 

Ian Atherton: The Restoration of Cathedrals in the Church of England: Reconciliation and Division in the 1660s

Chair: Grant Tapsell

Aphra Behn and reconciliation (Lecture Room 3)

Elaine Hobby, ‘“Sir, I'le be reconcil'd to you on one condition” (Aphra Behn, The Rover (1677): Aphra Behn’s Reconciliations’

Dominic Boden-Tebbutt, ‘Wealth, hypochondria, and medical advancement in Molière’s Le malade imaginaire and Aphra Behn’s Sir Patient Fancy

Marcus Nevitt, 'Commonplace Behn: Reading Printed Drama in the 1680s'.

12:30 Lunch (Powis Hall)

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