What are our students doing now?

distance learning forestry in the School of Natural Sciences - student profile - Rebekah D'Arcy

Rebekah D'Arcy - MSc Forestry student

Rebekah is currently in her final year of the part time MSc in Forestry and now works in Reykjavik, Iceland.

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Image of Forestry graduate Alex Forster

Alex Forster - MSc Forestry Graduate

Alex graduated with an MSc in Forestry and now works as a Forest Manager for Tilhill

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Chris Horwood - MSc Forestry (via distance learning) - Second year student

International aid and development consultant Chris Horwood has spent 33 years living in Asia, Africa and South America. Now, aged 57, he believes that to tackle climate change and biodiversity loss the world will need many more professional foresters and agroforesters. While still working as a consultant he is studying a three-year part time MSc Forestry at Bangor University.

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Ellie Lawton

Ellie Lawton MSc Forestry – final year student

Now works as: Assistant Woodland Officer

Now works for: Scottish Forestry

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Forestry by Distance Learning graduate, Ed Adams

Ed Adams- MSc Forestry (via distance learning) - graduate

Ed undertook the three year Forestry by Distance Learning (DL) MSc at Bangor to draw together various threads of a working life and to bring them to bear on Forest Landscape Restoration projects.

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Jean Joslyn

Jean Joslyn - MSc Forestry (via distance learning) - graduate

Having grown up on a dairy farm, Jean was inspired to be involved in land management and was keen to work outdoors. Completing an undergraduate BSc (Hons) in Countryside Management lead led Jean on to study the Forestry (Distance Learning) MSc at Bangor University.

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Tonthoza “Tontho” Uganja - MSc in Tropical Forestry (distance learning)

Now works as: Land Restoration Start-up Founder & Director, Assistant Regional Agronomy Manager, Social Entrepreneur & Climate Change Activist

Now works for: Sustainable Farming Solutions Malawi and Universal Leaf Tobacco Company

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Liam Plummer

Liam Plummer - MSc in Forestry (distance learning)

Now works as: Outreach Adviser - North of England

Now works for: Woodland Trust

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Martin Silnevs

Martin Silnevs - Postgraduate Diploma in Forestry (distance learning)

Now works as: Tree nursery worker

Now works for: Alba Trees (Forest nursery in Scotland)

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Tankiso Lechesa - MSc Tropical Forestry (Distance Learning)

Now works as: Principal Forestry Officer- National Beekeeping Office

Now works for: Ministry of Forestry Range and Soil Conservation, Lesotho

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Peter O'Rourke

Peter O’Rourke - MSc Forestry (Distance Learning)

Now works as: Beat Manager (Thames Beat)

Now works for: Forestry England

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Julia Guenzel

Julia Guenzel – MSc Agroforestry (Distance Learning)

Now works as: Regional Manager

Now works for: Spreewaldverein e.V. (LEADER local action group in South Brandenburg)

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