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Welcome to the bilingual education pages for the School of Sport, Health and Exercise science

These pages contain information related to studying bilingually through the medium of Welsh and English at the School of Sport, Health and Exercise science.

The ethos of the School of Sport, Health and Exercise Sciences with respect to Welsh medium education is based on a strong focus of bilingualism. We believe that it is important that Welsh speakers and learners are given the opportunity to learn through a combination of both Welsh and English medium teaching as this offers the best opportunity for students to develop and gain employment. As such no module within SSHES is taught exclusively through the medium of Welsh.

Instead, bilingual learners are able to access numerous ‘bitesized’ learning opportunities through the medium of Welsh across many modules throughout their degree. This is opposed to other universities which offer maybe one or two modules per year fully in Welsh. To further support this strategy, each Welsh speaking student is allocated a Welsh speaking member of staff as their personal tutor and the establishment of a Welsh society means that opportunities for both conversational Welsh and English are plentiful.

There are a number of reasons to study part of your degree in Welsh:

  1. The Welsh classes are small, friendly, and very supportive, ensuring that you get a considerable amount of support and attention to facilitate the learning process
  2. As well as benefiting from the smaller group sessions, you will join the general group the majority of other lectures and seminars, ensuring you enjoy the best of both worlds
  3. Financial support is available from both Bangor University and Coleg Cymraeg Cenedlaethol
  4. The chance to improve your language skills in Welsh in addition to English
  5. Employability: Bilingual skills are an asset in terms of employment in Wales

As well as information on the available modules and scholarships, you can preview current activities, access information about the bilingual members of staff and read the comments and experiences of students who have followed part of their Undergraduate degree through the medium of Welsh and English.

If you require any further information, please do not hesitate to contact us

Os hoffwch bori’r tudalennau hyn yn y Gymraeg, cliciwch yma