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Bilingual modules

There are currently at least 40 credits available bilingually in each year of the undergraduate courses. You will still attend the main English language lectures for these modules, but other aspects of the modules will be delivered in Welsh e.g.  seminars, laboratory practical's, tutorials and language skills workshops. In addition, it is your choice whether you want to submit assignments and/or take examinations through the medium of Welsh or English. Below is a list of the current modules that are available:

Year 1

Practical Research Skills
Conducting Successful Research
Human Physiology
Academic Skills
Aesthetics and Technical - on the basis of performance 1
Games – on the basis of performance 1
Practical work Land – 1
Psychomotor Behavior
Introduction to Applied Sport Science

Year 2

Sport and Exercise Physiology
Physiology Assessment
Health Physiology
Applied Sport Psychology
Research Project Proposal
Aesthetics and Technical - on the basis of performance 2
Games – on the basis of performance 2
Teaching A level physical education
Practical work Land – 2
Research Methods

Year 3

Research Project
Research in Psychological Skills
Stress and Performance
Environment Physiology (Extremes)
Environment Physiology (Altitude)


Independent Study
Performance Psychology
Performance Physiology