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Study or Work Abroad - Opportunities for SHES Students

Traditionally, British students would go abroad during their second year of university and would transfer back to Bangor the credits they had gained. Bangor has introduced a new system whereby you can apply to take an ‘International Experience Year’ once you have commenced your studies at Bangor. On successful completion of your four-year degree you will graduate with 'International Experience Year’ added to your degree certificate.

International Experience Year

  • You can add an extra year (usually between years 2 and 3) to Study or Work abroad.
  • Study or work abroad
  • UK tuition fees are waived
  • You are still eligible to apply for Student Finance
  • You must pass 25% of modules (15 credits per semester) OR assignment (Work Abroad)
  • Flexible – can deviate from Bangor degree programme

Second Year Abroad

  • As an alternative to second year in Bangor
  • Can opt for one semester or whole year abroad
  • Study only (no work option), fewer destinations
  • UK tuition fees still apply (with 50% discount)
  • Still eligible to apply for Student Finance
  • Must pass all exams at destination
  • Must select courses related to Sport, Health and Exercise Sciences
  • Degree classification determined wholly by marks in third year in Bangor

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European Exchanges - Erasmus+

  • Study for up to one year in a European university or gain valuable internationalwork experiencein a European organisation
  • Receive an Erasmus+ grant of approximately €250-300 per month to fund study or approximately €350-400 per month for a traineeship
  • Pay a maximum of 15% of UK tuition fees if you spend full academic year on Erasmus + 

Summer Programmes

  • Operate, outside of term-time (June/July)
  • Typically last 2 to 6 weeks
  •  Destinations in South Korea (Dankook University or Pukyong National University) or China (Shanghai University)
  • Cultural programme – field trips, learn about the culture, language lessons, etc.
  • No tuition fees
  • Cannot apply in final year

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Danial Tomos Jones - Sport, Health and Exercise Sciences

"For me the reason that I chose Bangor was because it offers the best range of Sport Health and Exercise Science courses within the Universities in Wales.

I wanted to stay in Wales to make sure that the extra support was there if I ever needed it. Whether it was financial support or language support."

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Jared Cartwright - Sports Science

"I have a serious passion for travel and intend to do this once my degree has finished. I am interested also in living and working abroad during my career, and this is what is fuelling my desire to succeed at Bangor so that it sets me on the right path to the future I want."

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