Fitness Classes

Classes Description

If you want to challenge yourself, this workout can bring your fitness to the next level.

A mix of cardio and resistance training working together to get a fun and dynamic workout.

Set around a series of workout stations, circuits combine’s cardiovascular fitness with resistance training to give speed, strength and stamina for the ultimate cross training experience. 

The importance of a strong core cannot be underestimated; this class is geared towards getting the core muscles strong in static and dynamic movements. 


Achieve overall fitness through various resistance-training disciplines with some components of CV thrown into the mix. 

This class is not as high intensity as HIIT81, starters/beginners or anyone who does not want to do any high intensity work may want to try this class first.

Using your bodyweight and a step, this exciting and dynamic high intensity workout, brings another dimension to your training.  

Bursts of high intensity resistance training, to increase your strength, speed and power through movements from Olympic weightlifting, Kettlebells, Dumbbells and Bodyweight exercises, to give you the results that count. 

Kettlebells help to build up strength and fitness in one dynamic workout that continually challenges the body to give the results you desire. 

Low impact, full of fun aerobics classes for the over 50s, that concentrate on developing aerobic capacity, mobility, flexibility, strength and tone. 

An effective indoor cycling workout, that is suitable for all levels.  The class enables you to work at your own ability; it is up to you how hard you work. 

Flexibility and mobility are important factors of our everyday living, if they are restricted our body movement can be restricted. This class aims to improve these two, very important factors so take time out from your busy day to focus on yourself!

This class uses body weight exercises and a variety of different equipment to target all the major muscles, and with every session not the same, they will though have all the same goal in mind of giving you that overall total body workout.

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