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The Welsh Language

The Welsh language is an integral part of Bangor University and we are very proud to be one of the most bilingual Universities in the world

Welsh is very much a language for everyone at Bangor. From fluent speakers to those who are learning a few words and phrases or just enjoying hearing and seeing a different language to their own, we all benefit from this rich linguistic and cultural community. Watch the videos below for more information and to learn a phew Welsh phrases!

Welsh at Bangor

Bangor University and the Welsh Language

Transcript for Welsh At Bangor video

Croeso! Welcome to Bangor!

Here at Bangor the Welsh and the English language are both used, and we're extremely proud to be one of the world's most bilingual universities. Of course, there's no expectation for you to be able to speak or understand Welsh, but here is and idea of what you can expect while living in a bilingual environment.

Bangor is located in Gwynedd, which is the county with the highest percentage of Welsh speakers in Wales. And Bangor University is proud to use and support the language. In the university itself, around 1 in 5 of our students speak Welsh, and many staff members are able to help and support them in both languages.

Around the city, you'll notice that Welsh and English are both used naturally as day to day languages. And you may notice that many of your peers choose to study and complete assignments through the medium of Welsh.

If you're interested in learning Welsh, you can take a module or an online course during your time at university. Or you can pick up a few simple phrases, such as "Shw'mae", "Bore Da"and "Diolch".

Whichever way you choose to live your university life, we hope you'll enjoy being a part of a truly bilingual community. A community that everyone's welcome to be a part of.

Simple Welsh Phrases

Give Welsh a go! Here are some simple Welsh phrases you can learn that you'll find useful around Bangor. If you'd like to learn more phrases you can do so here. 

Transcript for Welsh Phrases video

[0:01] Helo, shw'mae? (Hello, how are things?)

[0:02] Since Bangor University is located in North Wales,

[0:05] you'll probably see and hear the Welsh language being used around campus and around the local area. 

[0:12] Here are some simple phrases that you might find useful during your time here in Bangor.

[0:18] Bore da (Good Morning)

[0:21] Bore da (Good Morning)

[0:23] P'nawn da (Good Afternoon)

[0:26] P'nawn da (Good Afternoon)

[0:28] Noswaith dda (Good evening)

[0:31] Noswaith dda (Good evening)

[0:33] Croeso (Welcome)

[0:36] Croeso (Welcome)

[0:39] Lleucu dw i (I'm Lleucu)

[0:41] Lleucu dw i (I'm Lleucu)

[0:45] Ti'n iawn? (Are you ok?)

[0:48] Ti'n iawn? (Are you ok?)

[0:50] Sut 'dach chi? (How are you?)

[0:53] Sut 'dach chi? (How are you?)

[0:57] Iawn diolch (Fine thanks)

[0:59] Iawn diolch (Fine thanks)

[1:03] Da iawn diolch, a chi? (Good thanks, and you?)

[1:06] Da iawn diolch, a chi? (Good thanks, and you?)

[1:12] Diolch (Thank you)

[1:14] Diolch (Thank you)

[1:17] Diolch yn fawr (Thank you very much)

[1:20] Diolch yn fawr (Thank you very much)

[1:23] Hwyl fawr (Good bye)

[1:26] Hwyl fawr (Good bye)

[1:29] Pob lwc (Good luck)

[1:31] Pob lwc (Good luck)

[1:33] If you're interested in learning some more Welsh words and phrases,

[1:37] take a look at the 'Help with Welsh' page on the university's website.


Online Self-study Welsh Language Course

If you're interested in learning some Welsh during your time as a Bangor University Student watch this video. Please note that registration for this course opens in September and closes in October every year.

Transcript for Online Self-study Welsh Language Course Video

[0:04] Online Self-study Welsh language course

[ [0:05] For beginners

[ [0:12] You can work your way through the course at your own pace and at a time that is convenient for you.

[ [0:21] You’ll be able to access the course any time, anywhere using your phone, tablet, or computer.

[0:25] As long as you have internet connection...

[0:29] You’ll also receive support from a tutor to help you complete the course.

[0:33] Got any questions?

[0:34] Or to register please send an e-mail to:

[0:36] cwrsarlein@bangor.ac.uk

Learning Welsh

Dysgu Cymraeg Learn Welsh Gogledd Orllewin North West

If you would like to learn or improve your Welsh during your time at Bangor, there are many opportunities for you to do so by attending classes run by Learn Welsh North West. 

Classes are FREE for Bangor University students and are available online or face-to-face.

Start your Welsh journey today and search for a course here

If you are already fluent or have learned Welsh to a high level, learn more about studying, receiving University services and socialising through the medium of Welsh at Bangor University here.

Socialising in Welsh

UMCB (the University's Welsh Student Union) offers students a host of opportunities to socialise in Welsh, including supporting those who are learning Welsh.

Some of UMCB's societies include:

Y Cymric

'Y Cymric' is responsible for organising various social events throughout the year for UMCB students, some of which include Freshers Week, Clwb Cymru and Open Mic evenings.

Aelwyd JMJ

Aelwyd JMJ meets weekly at Neuadd John Morris Jones and have a male voice choir, a women's choir and a SATB choir.

Chwaraeon y Cymric

Chwaraeon y Cymric offers opportunities for students to participate in sport as part of Welsh speaking teams. There are both male and female football and rugby teams as well as female hockey and netball teams.

Cymdeithas John Gwilym Jones

Cymdeithas John Gwilym Jones is Bangor University's Welsh literature society, which creates opportunities for students to discuss some of their favourite works. 

Ffrind Cymraeg (Welsh Friend)

Why not join UMCB's 'Ffrind Cymraeg' Voluteering Project? Fluent Welsh speakers are paired with Welsh learners to help them practice using the language and increase their confidence in doing so. 

Take a
look at what UMCB has to offer by following their social accounts:
  • Facebook - UMCB
  • Twitter - @UMCB1
  • Instagram - @UMCB1976
  • Snapchat - UMCB1


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