Name Position +44 1248

Teaching and Project Staff

Dr Llyr ap Cenydd Lecturer, Welsh Medium (CS)
Dr Xianfeng Chen Senior Lecturer 382480
Professor Siân Hope OBE Executive Director of Innovation and Professor of Computer Science 382686
Dr Roger Giddings Senior Lecturer 382715
Mr Cameron Gray Lecturer & Employability Officer 382723
Professor Chris Hancock Professor 382686
Dr Yanhua Hong Senior Lecturer 382494
Dr Jeff Kettle Reader 382471
Professor Ludmila Kuncheva Professor of Computer Science 383661
Dr Ik Soo Lim Lecturer, Director of Research 382686
Dr Mohammed Mabrook RCUK Fellow, Senior Lecturer in Electronic Engineering 382702
Dr Sa’ad Mansoor Senior Lecturer 382716
Dr Maziar Nezhad Senior Lecturer (Photonics) 382901
Dr Cristiano Palego Senior Lecturer in Smart Sensors and Instrumentation 382511
Dr Dave Perkins Senior Lecturer, Director of Teaching and Learning & Admissions (CS), Director of Marketing and Recruitment 382513
Dr Iestyn Pierce Head of School & Admissions (EE), Welsh Medium (EE) 382686
Dr Panagiotis D Ritsos Lecturer, Director of Student Engagement 382698
Professor Jonathan C. Roberts Director of Research, Director of Impact & Engagement 382725
Dr Daniel Roberts Lecturer
Dr Paul Sayers Microfabrication Facility Manager 383098
Professor K Alan Shore Professor of Electronic Engineering 382618
Professor Paul S Spencer Dean of the College 382738
Professor Jianming Tang Professor of Electronic Engineering 382697
Dr William J Teahan Lecturer, Postgraduate Lead 382703
Dr Franck P Vidal Senior Lecturer, Director of Examinations and Assessement, Examinations Officer 382834
Dr Zengbo Wang (James) Senior Lecturer in imaging and nanophotonics 382696
Dr Liyang Yue Lecturer 382265

Teaching Associates

Mr Derek Holland Part Time Teaching Associate
Dr Chris Wensley Part Time Teaching Associate
Mr Daniel Williams Part Time Teaching Associate

Support Staff

Dr Antony Halsall College Manager 388786
Wendy Halstead College Finance Manager 382687
Stevie Scanlan College Marketing Manager 382724
David Edward Jones Administration 382620
Siân Jones Administration 382681
Yvonne Scutt-Jones Administration 382686
Ben Assinder Research Technician
Iwan A Jones Technical

Emeritus and Honorary Professors and Fellows

Professor Ronald Brown Emeritus Professor
Professor Darwin Caldwell Visiting Professor
Dr Eva Campo Honorary Lecturer
Dr B L Davies Honorary Research Fellow
Professor R Dirls Honorary Visiting Research Fellow
Dr Liming Fang Technical Director, Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd
Professor Derek Gould Honorary Professor
Prof T Hadjifotiou Honorary Professor
Professor Terry Hewitt Honorary Professor
Dr Mihaela Ionescu-Bujor Honorary Senior Research Fellow
(Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT), Karlsruhe, Germany)
Professor I M James Honorary Professor
Prof Xianqing Jin University of Science and Technology of China
Dr J P Jones Honorary Research Fellow
Dr J Y Kassab Honorary Research Fellow
Professor L A Lambe Honorary Professor
Professor J D Last Emeritus Professor
Dr J Lilington Honorary Professor
Dr J P Llewellyn Honorary Research Fellow
Derek Nesset Honorary Professor
A R Owens Honorary Research Fellow
Professor Chris Pain Honorary Professor (Imperial College London)
Professor Tim Porter Emeritus Professor
Professor D M Taylor Emeritus Professor
Dr Jinlong Wei Huawei Technologies
Dr Chris Wensley Honorary Research Fellow
Professor Mike Yates Honorary Professor