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Contemporary scientific research is driving an unprecedented paradigm shift in our approach to medicine and the understanding of human biology. Technological advances in diverse fields of study, including imaging, molecular genetics and computational science are not only revealing the intricate complexities of human diseases, but are also providing new approaches to their treatment and management in the clinical setting.

These advances are paving the way for a more personalized path for the management of the health of the populous, all of whom will have distinct susceptibilities / predispositions to disease, as well as distinct responses to therapies. Understanding the individual nature of patients, in concert with the advances in technologies, will enable us to develop more effective treatment and management strategies that can be implemented at an earlier stage in disease progression, which will ultimately enhance human wellbeing.

In the School of Medical Sciences we have a range of fundamental research programmes ongoing that are ultimately aimed at developing a knowledge base that will drive the treatment and management regimes of the future. Research interests within the School range from trying to understand the complexities of human cancers and stem cell biology through to addressing the challenges of microbial-mediated disease, with a strong focus on cancer biology and genetics in the North West Cancer Research Institute.

Research Excellence

The School has a very strong research ethos and in the recent UK Government’s Research Excellence Framework exercise (2014), School of Medical Sciences academic research staff were assessed by the Allied Health panel which indicated that 95% of Bangor University staff were “internationally excellent” or “world leading” resulting Bangor University being ranked 3rd in the UK for the overall quality of research outputs in this discipline.

This indicates that research within the School of Medical Sciences at Bangor University is making a major contribution to this exciting era of medical advancement and students and researchers benefit from working in a world-leading environment.

For individual staff research interests and information about potential research or PhD positions follow this link and click on the name of the academic you are interested in.

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