Staff Profile of Carys Wyn Roberts

Image of Carys Roberts
Carys Wyn Roberts
Director of Marketing and Recruitment
01248 383839
Dean Street

Responsible for the University's UK student recruitment and marketing activities, from pre-application through to post-application and Confirmation/Clearing. This includes the implementation of effective marketing and communications campaigns that reinforce the University’s core and unique proposition across a range of channels.

Overall managerial responsibility for all functions of the Marketing and Recruitment department, including: organising and overseeing the production of marketing material and web pages aimed at prospective students; organising and overseeing advertising, promotional campaigns, and events aimed at marketing the University to prospective students and their advisers; overseeing the implementation of the University’s Talent Opportunities Programme and other widening access initiatives; and working closely with colleagues across academic schools to ensure co-ordination of central and College-based marketing activities.