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Research News: April 2012

Oxford Award for Bangor Professor

Tony Bushell, Professor of German in Bangor’s  School of Modern Languages, has been awarded a  prestigious visiting scholarship by St. John’s College, Oxford to complete a study devoted to the rhetorics of Austrian identity.

Publication date: 26 April 2012

Where did the idea of a cashless society come from?

The concept of a "cashless society" is now getting increased attention as countries such as Sweden try to move away from bills and coins whereas in the UK there has been a failed attempt by banks to do without paper cheques. In a Bangor Business School Working Paper, Bernardo Bátiz-Lazo, of the Business School, along with Thomas Haigh of the University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee; The Haigh Group and David Stearns, of  Seattle Pacific University document,  the ‘cashless’ idea actually originated first in the world of business and only later moved into the realm of fiction.

Publication date: 11 April 2012