We are the longest-standing Forestry department in the UK with a reputation for conducting international research of outstanding quality.

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Students and lecturer analysing at a tree stump

Our Research

We are at the forefront of international forestry research. Our team is multidisciplinary and spans the entire breadth of forestry discipline.

We have active research programmes, investigating boreal and tropical forests and everything in between.

Our research work spans the following topics:

  • forests and climate change adaption
  • mitigation
  • deforestation
  • biodiversity
  • disaster recovery
  • food security
  • flood protection
  • nutrient cycling 
  • human wellbeing
  • conservation
  • the role of forests in recreation 


Excellent facilities for forestry research

Located a short distance from the main University buildings in Bangor are Treborth Botanic Gardens and Henfaes Research Centre - both inspiring facilities used for our teaching and research activities.

Find out more about some of our researchers. A full list of staff and students can be found below.

Forestry researchers and staff


Senior Lecturers & Senior Research Fellows

Lecturers & Research Fellows

Post-doctoral Researchers

Research Technicians

  • Dr Adam Pinder
  • Mr Keegan Blazey
  • Miss Anna Ray
  • Gloria Adeyiga
    • Project: Unknown.
    • Supervisor: Unknown.
  • Jack Aitkin-Willoughby 
    • Project: Restoring for a resilient future: Woodland community assembly trajectories in the face of multiple stressors.
    • Supervisors: Prof Andy Smith, Prof John Healey, Dr Mike Perring (UKCEH) & Prof Laurence Jones (UKCEH).
  • Matt Cooper 
    • Project: Investigating the potential of forested lands for natural flood management in Wales.
    • Supervisors: Dr Sopan Patil, Prof Andy Smith & Prof Morag McDonald.
  • Matilda Edwards
    • Project: Establishing the relative importance of a rainforest microcosm in oil palm plantations.
    • Supervisors: Dr Farnon Ellwood, Prof Andy Smith, Dr Kara Marsden & Dr Sabine Reich (UKCEH).
  • Dan Fishburn
    • Project: Modulating role of lithology in the response of Mediterranean forest to climate change.
    • Supervisors: Dr Lars Markesteijn, Dr Ana Rey  & Prof Andy Smith.
  • Eilidh Forster
    • Project: Unknown.
    • Supervisor: Prof John Healey.
  • Sam Hollick 
    • Project: Optimising landscape shelterbelts to sustainably increase farm livestock productivity and build resilience to extreme events.
    • Supervisors: Prof Andy Smith & Dr Mark Rayment.
  • Daniel Iddon
    • Project: Living Soil.
    • Supervisors: Prof Andy Smith, Prof Dave Chadwick & Dr Tim Peters.
  • Yawo Jonky Tenou
    • Project: Unknown.
    • Supervisor: Unknown.
  • Endri Martini
    • Project: Unknown.
    • Supervisor: Unknown.
  • Tonthoza Uganja
    • Project: Unknown.
    • Supervisor: Unknown.
  • Swati Renduchintala
    • Project: Unknown.
    • Supervisor: Unknown.
  • Harry Skinner
    • Project: Unknown.
    • Supervisor: Unknown.
  • Aulia Soebandhi
    • Project: Unknown.
    • Supervisor: Unknown.
  • Yiting Su
    • Project: Tree species identification using optical remote sensing and LiDAR.
    • Supervisor: Prof Andy Smith.
  • Nisabhat Tonwoot
    • Project: Unknown.
    • Supervisor: Unknown.
  • Catherine Walker
    • Project: Unknown.
    • Supervisor: Prof John Healey.
  • Xingguang Yan
    • Project: Estimation of forest ecosystem carbon stocks using remotely sensed data, machine learning and the Google Earth Engine.
    • Supervisor: Prof Andy Smith.

Featured projects

Find out about current Forestry projects by reading our project pages and blogs:

Forestry projects

Our projects have global reach, using the diverse expertise of Bangor staff, research students, and collaborators.

  • title of project and link to project page
  • title of project and link to project page

Recent Publications

A selection of recent publications from Forestry researchers is listed here, but for all the latest publications, please check individual researcher pages linked above.

  • Smith, M, Stark, SC, Taylor, TC, Schietti, J, Almeida, DRA, Aragon, S, Torralvo, K, Lima, A, de Oliveira, G, de Assis, RL, Leitold, V, Pontes-Lopes, A, Scoles, R, de Sousa Vieira, LC, Resende, AF, Coppola, AI, Brandao, DO, Junior, JDAS, Lobato, LF, Freitas, W, Almeida, D, Souza, MS, Minor, DM, Villegas, JC, Law, DJ, Goncalves, N, da Rocha, DG, Guedes, MC, Tonini, H, da Silva, KE, van Haren, J, Rosa, DM, do Valle, DF, Cordeiro, CL, de Lima, NZ, Shao, G, Menor, IO, Conti, G, Florentino, AP, Montti, L, Aragao, LEOC, McMahon, SMM, Parker, GG, Breshears, DD, Da Costa, ACL, Magnusson, WE, Mesquita, R, Camargo, JLC, de Oliveira, RC, de Camargo, PB, Saleska, SR & Nelson, BW 2023, 'Diverse anthropogenic disturbances shift Amazon forests along a structural spectrum', Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment, vol. 21, no. 1, pp. 24-32. https://doi.org/10.1002/fee.2590

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