Information for Graduates

We know that making career related decisions doesn't stop once you graduate. Recognising this, we continue to provide a wide range of the Skills and Employability Service to help you after graduation.

  • Your Employability – Our service statement and commitment to all graduates to provide the best possible service.
  • Careers Advice – Using the Service – As a Bangor University graduate you can use the service for 3 years after you graduate. You can utilise the variety of facilities and resources to find your perfect graduate career.
  • Careers Resources – A variety of online resources to assist you with planning your career and landing your perfect position.
  • Workshops and Events – A range of events to enhance your skills delivered by employability advisers and employers.
  • Bangor TARGETconnect – The University’s Student Employment Bureau advertising graduate vacancies and opportunities.
  • GO Wales - The Achieve through Work Experience Programme creates tailored work experience opportunities for young students
  • Enterprise and Self Employment – Do you have an idea for a business or entrepreneurial skills you wish to develop? B-Enterprising offers a range of services to support business start-ups.

  • Graduate Careers Fairs – These careers fairs allow you to maximise your chances of finding the right graduate placement for you and engage with employers to find out what they are looking for in prospective candidates.
  • Graduate Volunteering – Volunteering is an unpaid activity or work at a not-for profit organisation which makes a difference in the wider community. After your studies it may be hard to afford to work for no pay; however you may learn valuable skills and show future employers that you are a highly committed individual.
  • Graduate Jobs – Internships, Placements and Programs – Work experience is essential when applying for jobs. Whether you want to get a taste for working in a particular sector or get your foot in through the door, internships, placements and programs are valuable for your career progression.
  • Going Travelling? – Make the most of your travels and have fun but remember you can use your global experience to your advantage in your future career.
  • International Graduates – After completing your degree there are many issues to consider. Do you want to stay in the UK, move back to your home country or somewhere else entirely? This section can help you with those decisions.
  • Further Study and Funding – Should you wish to undertake further study this section shows you the various things to consider before you commit yourself.
  • Keep in Touch with Bangor Alumni – Stay in contact with your classmates, organise reunions, help mentor and guide future Bangor Students, keep up to date with University news, receive an email for life and many other services.