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Further information

A range of services, documents and information from across the University support the Student Charter. Particularly relevant examples can be found here.

Information on regulations

A complete guide to all Bangor University’s regulations can be found here.

The Student Guide contains important information about the University regulations that all students are expected to abide by. All students are required to certify that they agree to abide by these regulations as part of the registration procedure, so it is important to read this thoroughly.

The Student Grievance Procedure defines the process by which a student can express dissatisfaction about the standard of service provided by any section of the University. Advice about the procedure may be obtained from the Academic Registrar.

Regulations about assessment and requirements to complete a degree are in the Regulations for Taught Programmes (Regulation 01).

Section 7 of the Regulations for Taught Programmes (Regulation 01) provides information on the University’s policy on feedback on your academic work.

Residence Conditions for those students living in University Accommodation can be found here.

Information on representation

Bangor University’s Code of Practice for the Course Representative System, written in partnership with Bangor Students’ Union in 2012. Gives guidance to academic schools on how to implement the system and outlines the responsibilities of all parties involved in its management.

Bangor Students’ Union’s webpage includes details on who your course representative is and how you can become involved with the system.

Information on pastoral support

Specific information about the University’s Personal Tutor system is available here.

Broader information about support available for students and where to access it, can be found at the Student Services section of the University website.

Information about the University’s commitment to equality and diversity can be found here.

The Bangor Employability Award website.

Bangor Students’ Union’s website.

The Postgraduate Students’ Forum website.