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Find out about the course options in Archaeology  

Why Study Archaeology ?

Our postgraduate programmes aim to build a detailed and critical understanding of Archaeology. Key practical skills are developed and honed using the rich archaeological record of Wales as a study area.  You are equipped with key transferable skills to successfully enter a range of occupations or continue their academic career. Modules combine training in archaeological research techniques and archaeological theory with a sound knowledge base. These skills are then applied to the rich archaeological record of the Celtic west. You are encouraged to take part in excavations. There’s a wide variety of topics available for study which reflect the archaeology of the area – from prehistoric landscapes and seascapes, Roman frontiers, Iron Age settlements and nineteenth-century industrial sites.

Career Opportunities in Archaeology

Archaeology offers an interesting and varied career which provides intellectual satisfaction. A degree in Archaeology bridges practical and theoretical skills, calls for practice in the collection and analysis of data, and is a good foundation for other careers because it combines literacy and numeracy, arts and sciences. Studying Archaeology therefore provides a broad range of skills and knowledge that employers value, both within the Archaeology and Heritage sector and in the wider jobs market. Archaeology students are often the most versatile and skilled of employees, with excellent transferable employment skills.

Our Research in Archaeology

We have research expertise in the following areas: The Prehistory and Medieval Archaeology of Britain and Ireland; European Prehistory, Maritime Archaeology; Roman Frontiers; Heritage and Contemporary Archaeology.

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Related Subject Areas

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