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Capability Matrix for Photonics Up-Skilling  (CAMPUS)


CAMPUS has been designed to provide a useable interface between industry and the photonics expertise available within higher and further education institutions in Wales.

The organisation of the information provided within the CAMPUS  document has been undertaken in accordance with two widely-utilised definitions of photonics activity.

In the first place use has been made of the  EU Photonics 21 definitions of photonics  ‘industry sectors’.

Secondly photonics capabilities have been defined in relation to the ‘photonics technology’ defined within  the 5-volume Handbook of Optics published by McGraw Hill sponsored by the Optical Society.

CAMPUS then maps expertise available within Wales into those two categories.  For both categories data is presented at two levels : a top level where a general impression of activity can be gained and a second level where  more precise information is offered.

Photonics technology

The ‘photonics technology’ is separated into Training, Research, Expertise and Equipment thereby defining  the CAMPUS ‘TREE’ for each contributing higher and further education institutions. This information is supplemented by two-page facilities summaries.

In addition to summarising activity in the present document the opportunity has been provided by the Welsh Government Expertise Wales website :

to make CAMPUS data readily available. By this mechanism, regular updating of the information, including contact coordinates, can be made by the participating academic institutions. 

We look forward to feedback from users of CAMPUS so that links between industry and academia in photonics can be further strengthened to the benefit of all.

Professor K Alan Shore
School of Electronic Engineering,
Photonics Academy for Wales @ Bangor ( PAWB)
Bangor University