Research from Bangor presented at the premier Data Visualization Conference

Professor Jonathan C. Roberts and Dr Panagiotis (Panos) Ritsos, from Computer Science, represented Bangor University at the IEEE Visualization (VIS2017) Conference, held in Phoenix, Arizona, USA this month.

IEEE VIS is the premier forum for advances in visual analytics, and scientific and information visualization. The event brings together top data visualization researchers and practitioners from academia, government, and industry to explore their shared interests in tools, techniques, and technology.

Jonathan and Panos presented one full paper, one tutorial, three workshop papers and three posters, describing work done by the Visualization, Modelling and Graphics research group.

The full paper “The explanatory visualization framework: An active learning framework for teaching creative computing using explanatory visualizations” presents a three-stage framework (EVF) that leads a learner through a series of tasks, each designed to develop different skills necessary for coming up with creative, innovative, effective and purposeful data visualizations. The paper will be published in the January 2018 edition of the premier visualization journal IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics.

This research builds upon previous work with the Five-Design Sheets (FDS) methodology, presented in previous IEEE VIS conferences and published in a recent book. The EVF framework and the FDS methodologies were also the theme of a tutorial presented by Jonathan and Panos, for a second consecutive year in IEEE VIS.  Other outputs included ongoing work on Immersive Analytics in Mixed Reality and the use of Visualization in Digital Humanities.

Professor Roberts said: “It was a pleasure to present research from the visualization, modelling and graphics group at Bangor, and represent Bangor University at this prestigious event.”

Panos added “Participating in IEEE VIS is the highlight of our research year, and an opportunity to present our work at the most prestigious data visualization gathering. We get the opportunity to network with some of the brightest and most influential researchers in our domain, establishing collaborations and drawing inspiration for our future work.”

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Publication date: 3 November 2017