Guidance on Non-Permanent Records


These types of records have no significant operational, informational or evidential value. They should therefore be archived and destroyed as soon as they have served their initial purpose :

  • Records compromising announcements and notices of meetings and other events, also notifications of acceptance or apologies.
  • Requests for maps, location information, travel directions and brochures.
  • Duplicate documents such as unaltered drafts, ‘FYI’ and ‘CC’ documents.
  • Transmission documents which accompany documents but do not add any value to them, such as fax covers, e-mails, and compliments slips.
  • Superseded address lists, distribution lists etc.
  • Personal address books, diaries, etc.
  • Published or reference materials received vendors or other external organisations e.g. trade magazines, vendor catalogues, flyers, newsletters.