University Records Centre

The purpose of the University Records Centre is to hold the semi active paper records that services or departments no longer need to retain for daily use but need access to occasionally or need to retain for statutory or other purposes. Paper records which are in regular use must not be lodged with the Records Centre. The University Records Centre is located on the top floor of the tower in the Main Arts Building . Access to the records (for reasons of security and confidentiality) is strictly controlled and all requests for records must be made through the Governance and Compliance Office. Mrs Lynette Hunter maintains a list of authorised persons who are allowed to collect and return records to the University Records Centre. To be included on the lists please contact Lynette extension: 8530 / 3276 or in the first instance who will give you your departmental contact. It is the responsibility of the person authorising a member of staff to have access or collect records from the Records Centre to inform Mrs Lynette Hunter when the authorisation is cancelled. 

When records are assigned to the Records Centre they should be given a retention period as specified in the University's Records Retention Schedule and in agreement with the relevant service or department. During the term of storage only authorised staff will have access to the records. At the end of this specified period the service or department will be consulted to review them. Following this review the records will either be destroyed confidentially, transferred to the University Archive for permanent retention, or after review by the Compliance and Records Manager responsible for records management and the department concerned retained in the University Records Centre for a further period of time.

Procedures to access the Records Centre