Bangor Centre for International Law

The Vision

At the Bangor Centre for International Law (BCIL), we see International Law as central to inspiring Bangor students with a global and broad-minded outlook. BCIL will be a focal point for our work in International Law at Bangor Law School. Our dynamic and forward-looking team work is well placed to build a world-class research centre in International Law at Bangor. We work in many areas of International Law, including exciting work at the interface of its different specialisations, such as International Criminal Law, the International Law of Armed Conflict, and the International Human Rights Law, and in areas that are global in orientation but not traditionally regarded within the discipline. Taking a unified and inclusive approach to International Law makes for exciting possibilities.   

The Mandate

BCIL is committed to the advancement of world-class education and research in International Law and to building a community of scholarly excellence here at Bangor. We will strive to create a dynamic and lively intellectual environment that will develop good global citizenship, promote an internationalised curriculum, enrich our academic environment and also contribute towards the wider society of which the University is proud to be a part.  

Our unifying theme is the study of Good Governance and Rule of Law, whether seen through the lens of traditional Public International Law, or through specialised areas such as International Criminal Law and Procedure, the Law of Armed Conflict, International Human Rights Law, Global Trade Law, International Dispute Settlement, International Environmental Law and Private International Law, or other areas of law which are undeniably international, albeit not necessarily within the traditional concept - International Commercial and Business Law, International Intellectual Property Law and European Law. Our understanding of International Law is an inclusive and modern one, and we welcome multi-disciplinary approaches that can help to promote greater understanding and more meaningful studies into theory and practice. In addition to our commitment to the sharing, development and nurturing of academic expertise and excellence in these areas, our work is inspired by the firm belief that a central contribution of Law Schools to society is the promotion of Rule of Law, and humanitarian values such as human rights, justice, public service and social responsibility.

We will promote these objectives and values by exploring their many facets through our academic research, teaching and outreach activities in International Law. The core activities of BCIL will be academic – research and dissemination – and that knowledge will be injected into teaching and wider public education through regular classes, public lectures, workshops, seminars, expert position papers or amicus curiae briefs, conferences in the UK and abroad, engagement with the media and publications in leading academic journals and monographs. We will not shy away from addressing definitional and other controversies, uncertainties or from challenging established positions. 

BCIL’s Leadership Team and its Associates

BCIL is led by the following members of staff:

Staff members who are working within International Law are engaged with the BCIL as Associates:

BCIL will also draw from the expert guidance of a high level Advisory Board.


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