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Why Study History and Heritage ?

The MA in Welsh History covers Welsh history from the medieval to the modern period.  It offers you the opportunity to explore the history of Wales from a variety of thematic and chronological perspectives, to develop your research skills in Welsh history (including Welsh language tuition), and to pursue your own research project in an aspect of Welsh history under expert supervision from a specialist in the field. This course draws on the unrivalled expertise of our team of Welsh historians in the department to offer a degree scheme suitable both for those who have studied Welsh history in the past and those for whom it is a new field of study.

Career Opportunities in History and Heritage

Career opportunities for the students who obtain an MA degree in History / Welsh History exist in historical research in academia. Moreover, our alumni / alumnae have found jobs in museums and high schools.

Our Research in History and Heritage

Module leaders of the MA programmes in History and Welsh History are specialists in a wide range of areas. In Modern and Contemporary History, these include the history of consumption, protest, policymaking, travel, sexuality, war and nationalism, in Europe and North America. In Medieval and Early Modern History, strengths include the political, administrative and gender history of medieval England and Normandy and the early modern British political, social, cultural, and religious history. Finally, research on the history of Wales is the focus for many scholars in the School and spans the post-Roman period to the 21st century, setting Welsh history in its wider national and international contexts.

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