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Meet our Alumni

Bangor Law School graduates have gone on to establish careers across the world, in both legal and non-legal professions. Here are some examples…

Annmarie Dodd – LLB Law; LLM Law

Compliance and Regulatory Change Officer, HSBC, New York City

“After graduating from Bangor, I worked at CCI Legal (now CCI credit management) in Porthmadog for 18 months; where I worked predominantly in international compliance. I am now working in New York City, in the Regulatory Change team at HSBC. My office is located in central Manhattan and is incredibly busy. My role as Compliance and Regulatory Change Officer is varied, but it is predominantly compliance based. I assist to ensure that the applicable regulations, rules and laws are being adhered to and work to make sure the correct controls are put in place. The job requires a certain understanding of financial legislation and regulation, and my background in law certainly helps.

My time at Bangor University was wonderful. I completed my LLB and LLM there, and found that the quality of both the teaching and the law school were fantastic. The staff were always helpful and supportive, and provided me will great help whenever I needed it – particularly when writing my dissertation or during exam time. I will always look back at my time at Bangor with very fond memories.”


William T. Carlsen – LLB Law

Law Clerk, Laguna Intellectual Property Group - Levin & Dicterow, New York City

“After graduating from Bangor, I moved to New York City, where I interned in-house at a technology-based startup company. I then spent two semesters studying for my LLM in Intellectual Property Law (receiving the equivalent of a first class degree). A couple of weeks before graduating from my LLM, I started a fellowship at a non-profit law firm which supports free and open-source software developers to navigate intellectual property matters and general corporate issues. I stayed there for a few months and got to help with a Supreme Court amicus brief before I found and started my current job.

Whereas my prior jobs concerned mainly transactional legal work, my current job revolves solely around litigation and I am really enjoying it. The partners threw me right into the deep end and I had to learn more material, and learn it faster than I have ever had to before, and I am still having to learn a lot on a daily basis. I have been heavily involved in prosecuting an intellectual property case in a Federal District Court with damages well over $100 million being sought. I have also assisted writing briefs in the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals.

Bangor University Law School provided me with the best formal education anyone could ask for. The professors were all intelligent and able to break-down and communicate complicated legal issues, and they cared that their students learned. Perhaps the single most valuable thing I did whilst at Bangor was participate in mooting. Mooting develops the fundamental skills lawyers need to do their jobs. Without the ability to research critically and accurately, and communicate the findings clearly, as well as being able to speak with authority (that goes without saying, really) a lawyer will not last long. Mooting, as well as the excellent coaching that comes with it, prepared me for daily life in litigation.”

Joshua Simpson – LLB Law with Business Studies

Real Estate Solicitor, Aaron & Partners, Chester

“Following my graduation from Bangor Law School, I enrolled on the Legal Practice Course (LPC) at the University of Law, Chester, and subsequently became a Paralegal. I obtained a Training Contract with a law firm in North Wales, enrolling as a Solicitor in 2016. In June of the same year I joined Aaron & Partners.

Studying at Bangor truly gave me the opportunity to enhance myself, and the skills that I developed gave me the confidence to pursue a career in law. By taking part in extra-curricular events such as the McLaren Criminal Law Moot, the Cwpan Griffiths Welsh Moot and the Innocence Project, I developed competencies such as teamwork and communication. In setting up the Street Law Project with one of my fellow students, I was able to nurture my leadership and public speaking skills.

I’m thankful to the staff at Bangor Law School for continuously encouraging me. They were always available to give advice, whether it was about my degree or my potential legal career.”

Isabela Rotaru – LLB Law

Legal Assistant, DW Solicitors

“I currently work as a Legal Assistant at DW Solicitors in Northampton. I was offered the position whilst at the interview, which came as a lovely surprise. I am currently being trained primarily in wills and probate, but will also be doing family law, litigation and conveyancing. I will be starting the LPC part time at the weekends next September whilst still training with DW Solicitors until I have acquired the necessary experience to qualify.

I really enjoy working at DW Solicitors, it has been a great learning experience with something new arising everyday. It has allowed me to put the skills I have gained during my time at Bangor into practice. 
I was persuaded to choose Bangor Law School after attending an Open Day in March 2014. The staff and students were so friendly and informative, and this was all made better by the fact that Bangor itself has such a lovely, peaceful environment which is exactly what I was looking for in a university.
Whilst studying at Bangor I was president of the Law Society and was also on the Street Law committee. This has prepared me for the work place by teaching me to be punctual, manage my time wisely and work effectively as part of a team. 

I am really grateful to all the staff in the Law School for all their help and support throughout these past three years, without their guidance and encouragement achieveing my goals would've been a lot harder”.

Tristan Koriya – LLB Law with Business Studies

Managing Director of TNK Legal & Financial Services Ltd

“After graduating in 2008, I worked as a Commercial Lawyer specialising in dispute resolution and financial regulations litigation. I started my own legal consultancy firm, 'TNK Legal', in January 2013, providing bespoke services to leading banks and financial institutions. I was also on the Board of Directors for Acclaim Housing until its merger with Waterloo Housing earlier this year In 2011, I ran for the Labour Party in local elections, and was elected as a Councillor for Lutterworth Swift Ward in South Leicestershire.
I enjoyed a fantastic three years studying and living in Bangor. It is a truly beautiful place to study. I benefitted from the expert tuition and support from Bangor Law School, and my tutors and lecturers provided constant encouragement and support throughout my time as a student. I was President of the Law Society during my second year, and we won the award for ‘Best Academic Society’, which to me showed how well everyone got on and worked together. 

There is a wonderfully positive vibe around Bangor during term time. I always felt at home and happy despite my home town being 300 miles away!”

David Darlington, LLB Law with Accounting and Finance

“After leaving Bangor Law School I studied the Legal Practice Course at the College of Law, Chester. I completed my training contract with Stephensons Solicitors LLP, “a UK top 100 law firm, one of the largest, fastest growing and most successful solicitors in the north west” (Legal 500). I am now working as a Criminal Defence Solicitor at Fieldings Porter.

I would like to thank Bangor Law School for all the support that I received during my degree as I wouldn’t be where I am now without it.”

Bolanle Adebola, LLM Law

“After gaining my LLM at Bangor, I was accepted onto a PhD at University College London. I am now in New York doing an internship in the Office of Legal Affairs division of the United Nations. All this is thanks to Bangor Law School’s excellent teaching, support and enthusiastic lecturers.”

image of erib

Erin Wyn, LLB Law

"My experience at Bangor Law School is one that I will always value. Not only did the course itself provide me with an excellent basis in law, but also the staff were very dedicated and enthusiastic people who supported me throughout. Having gained a high degree, I then studied the LPC course, and was fortunate to obtain a training contract in local government. I am now a qualified solicitor specialising in Adult Social Care and Education".

Hongbo Hei, LLM Commercial Law

My Bangor LLM background really gave me a sharp edge in an extremely competitive job market. After completing my masters in Commercial Law, I returned to China to prepare for the Chinese National Judicial Examination. I am now a fully qualified Chinese Lawyer at a major international Law firm based in China."

David Nevins, LLB Law

"After completing my LLB at Bangor, I travelled to Madrid to study for an LLM in European Union Law. From there, I completed an LLM in International Trade Law at the University of Arizona. I recently sat the bar-exam in New York, and when I get my results I hope to work in the European Commission or the field of EU Competition Law."