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Innocence Casework Unit (ICU)

Our Innocence Casework Unit’s Student Caseworkers are given the opportunity to undertake pro bono casework and research on alleged miscarriage of justice cases.

They work, under supervision, on real life cases – usually where an individual has been convicted and is serving a prison sentence. The cases are often amongst the most serious of offences, such as murder and manslaughter. In many instances, all other avenues of appeal have been exhausted – and yet the individual still seeks to maintain their innocence.

Student Caseworkers:

Student Caseworkers are given the opportunity to re-examine the evidence, including Witness Statements, court transcripts, and “Unused” evidence, to see if there is anything that may have been missed, or anything fresh. Caseworkers write and put questions to their clients on the case. All cases are supervised by Law Staff. Any possible grounds for appeal can then be worked on, with the aim, if possible, being application to the Criminal Cases Review Commission or the Court of Appeal.

Practical, real world, experience of assisting clients:

Student Caseworkers gain invaluable hands-on experience in Criminal Law and Evidence when they are able to apply what has been learned in their lectures to the real-life cases on which they are working. It is an excellent way for students to develop skills in working through case papers, including trial transcripts, witness statements, and scientific evidence.

Student Caseworkers also gain insight into pro bono (“for the public good”) legal work, done free of charge. Pro bono makes a big difference to access to justice.


We consider cases referred to us directly by the potential client or their nominated representative – and, on receiving enquiries, carry out an assessment of whether we have both the availability and the ability to assist on the given matter. We respond to enquiries to confirm when this is happening. We do our best to assist both our clients and enquirers - and, if we are unable to take on a case, due to volume of work or any other reason, we endeavour to direct the case to alternative suitable help.


To contact the Bangor University Innocence Casework Unit (ICU), please e-mail:

Please note that this e-mail address is not monitored 24/7 – but we will endeavour to respond to you as soon as your message is read.