Our Facilities

Our facilities include an extensive Law Library overseen by a dedicated Librarian.

The library has benefited from substantial investment by the University and other benefactors. The University Archives contain a wealth of historical material, a rich vein of primary sources for those wishing to undertake research for higher degrees in fields such as Legal History.

Mairwen Owen is the Law Librarian and can be contacted by telephone: +44 (0)1248 382915, or by e-mail: mairwen.owen@bangor.ac.uk

The Law Library is located at the far end of the Lloyd Reading Room in the Main Arts Library.

The Collection

The Law Library provides printed and electronic sources to meet the needs of its users and reflects current teaching and research within the Law School.  The collection has developed considerably since its inception in 2003/2004. The collection is sub-divided into the following sequences:


Digests, encyclopaedias, legal dictionaries and finding tools such as the Current Law Case Citator, Current Law Yearbook and Halsbury’s Laws may be found in this sequence.


Here you will find material such the Current Law Statutes which publishes statutes in chronological order within each calendar year. Halsbury’s Statutory Instruments which indexes statutory instruments is also in this sequence.

Law Reports

Law reports contain the decisions of courts on point of law. There are those reports that deal with all aspects of the law such as The Law Reports and the All England Law Reports, as well as those which specialise in a particular topic, for example, Criminal Appeal Reports and Family Law Reports


Journals provide useful articles on a variety of legal topics as well as comments on statutes and cases. The Law Library houses a wide selection of journals including, Modern Law Review, Cambridge Law Journal, Oxford Journal of Legal Studies, New Law Journal and Solicitor’s Journal. Many of these journals are also available online via the library catalogue.

Books and pamphlets

This section includes student textbooks and material that are listed on students reading lists.

Official Publications

This is a small collection of reports and accounts presented to Parliament by Government Departments, together with some statistical material and Law Commission Reports.


The Times and Independent are available in the Law Library. We also subscribe to NewsUK which contains 68 national and regional newspapers.

Online databases

Access to the databases that Bangor University subscribes to is via the Online abstracts and indexes link on the library catalogue. Databases are essential resources as they provide a wealth regularly updated legal material. The Library has access to a number of legal databases including Justcite, Lawtel, LexisNexis and Westlaw.


Self-service photocopiers are located outside the Lloyd Reading Room. The photocopiers are operated using a rechargeable photocopy card.