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News: December 2019

Boris Johnson is planning radical changes to the UK constitution – here are the ones you need to know about

With a very large majority in parliament, Boris Johnson is planning radical changes to the UK constitution. His party claims that far reaching reforms are needed because of a “destabilising and potentially extremely damaging rift between politicians and the people” under the last parliament. The issue at the centre of this “damaging rift”, however, is whether the proposals for constitutional change are a democratic necessity or a cynical attempt by the Conservative government to bolster its power.

This article by Stephen Clear, Lecturer in Constitutional and Administrative Law, and Public Procurement, at Bangor Law School is republished from The Conversation under a Creative Commons license. Read the original article.

Publication date: 19 December 2019

Conference: Ethnography and the Shifting Boundaries of Policing

Publication date: 3 December 2019