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Research Areas

The Law School currently has 25 students on its Doctoral PhD programme.

Students come from several countries such as United Kingdom, China, Nigeria, Libya, Jordan, Iraq, Iran and Vietnam. The School invites applications from highly motivated, suitably qualified candidates in all major areas of Law, including:

1. European Law
2. Global Economic Law
3. International Law
4. UK Commercial Law
5. UK Public Law
6. UK Private Law

1. European Law, including:

1. European Internal Market

2. Public Procurement

3. Competition Law

The European Law Group is headed up by Professor Dermot Cahill, Head of School (EU Internal Market Law / Competition Law and Public Procurement Law), and its membership includes Dr Ama Eyo (Procurement Law and Sustainability, and Global Procurement Regimes), Dr Pedro Telles (Innovation in Public Procurement, and EU Procurement Law), Ceri Evans (Procurement Relationships & Leadership in Procurement) and Gary Clifford (Procurement Strategies).

2. Global Economic Law, including:

1. Intellectual Property Law
2. WTO Law
3. International Commercial Arbitration
4. International Insurance Law
5. International Sales Law
6. Maritime Law
7. Private International Law
8. European Union Internal Market / Competition Law

The Global Law group is led by Dr Wei Shi (WTO and Commercial Arbitration specialist), and its membership includes Dr Zhen Jing (International Sales Law, International Insurance Law and Maritime Law), Mark Hyland (International Banking Law and International IP/IT Law) and Professor Dermot Cahill (European Union Internal Market / Competition Law).

3. International Law, including:

1. Public International Law
2. International Human Rights Law
3. European Human Rights Law
4. International Criminal Law

The International Law Group is led by Professor Suzannah Linton (Public International Law, International Criminal Law), and its membership includes Dr Alison Mawhinney (International Human Rights Law, European Human Rights Law, and Law and Linguistic Rights), Yvonne McDermott (International Criminal Law, International Criminal Procedure, International Refugee Law, Human Rights) and Evelyne Schmid (Public International Law, European Law, Human Rights, Humanitarian Law).

4. UK Commercial Law, including:

1. Corporate Finance Law
2. Commercial Law
3. Company Law
4. Corporate Governance

This group is led by Aled Griffiths (Company Law, Corporate Governance), and its membership includes Professor Cahill (Corporate Finance Law, Commercial Law, Company Law) and Gwilym Owen (Commercial Law, Contracts).

5. UK Public Law, including:

1. Public Law
2. Law and Religion
3. Administrative Law
4. Judicial Review
5. Law and Devolved Government

This group is led by Dr Alison Mawhinney (Law & Religion, Public Law, and European Convention on Human Rights), and its membership includes Sarah Nason (Public Law, Administrative Law and Jurisprudence specialist), and Dewi Llyr Jones (Law & Devolved Government, Public Law).

For information about our LLM program in this area, click here.

6. UK Private Law, including:

1. Land Law
2. Equity
3. Torts
4. Family Law
5. Criminal Law
6. Evidence
7. Legal History

This group is led by Dr Osian Rees (Land Law, Equity & Family Law), and its membership includes Dr Sara Elin Roberts (Legal History), Aled Griffiths (Law and Devolved Government, and Elder Persons Law) and Gwilym Owen (Contracts, Commercial Law).