Research Mission and Strategy

Bangor University School of Law was founded in 2004. In 2014 it will participate in the National Research Assessment exercise, the Research Excellence Framework (REF). Having achieved substantial grant capture since 2008, we have attracted staff from leading universities in the UK and internationally. Our research focuses on three core themes:

  • Public/Administrative Law
  • International Criminal Law
  • Interacting Legal Systems in Global Business Law

We aim to establish a reputation as a centre of excellence in selected fields, by undertaking legal research with strategically targeted groups. A key element of this strategy is to produce research that drives change to public policy, with our researchers either leading international projects or acting as co-investigators alongside respected collaborators, to study unresolved or emerging issues in our specialist areas. In this way, we aim to make a distinct contribution to issues neglected in mainstream literature. We have won significant funding for our work, helping us acquire a reputation for producing findings that policymakers rely on to promote social, legal or economic advances, whether proposing Model Codes in International Criminal Law (for adoption internationally), investigating barriers to implantation of foreign legal norms in domestic legal systems (Commercial and Property Law), generating transformative reform recommendations in Procurement Law (changing Government policy and public purchaser behaviour), or studying the effects of regionalisation in Administrative Law (changing Administrative Court users’ behaviour).

As a component School within the College of Business, Law, Education & Social Sciences, our strategy is developed in conjunction with the College Executive and the University Executive, overseen by the College Director of Research, who sits on the University Research Strategy Task Group, which advises the Deputy Vice Chancellor (Research and Enterprise). Logistical and administrative support to School research teams is provided by the Research & Enterprise Office. The research strategy’s achievements, aims, goals and future plans are outlined under our three main themes, above.