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Types of Postgraduate Law Degrees

Bangor Law School is a research-focused school offering a range of cutting edge LLM, MBA and MA programmes that are tailored Masters of Law programmes designed to equip students with the legal knowledge and competencies required in an increasingly global workplace.

As a major UK centre for procurement research, we have a particular specialism for studies in the area of procurement. For more details about our LLMs in this area, visit our course pages.

LLM Degrees

We offer a range of specialist LLM Masters degrees that reflect the demand for knowledgeable and capable graduates in the emerging sectors of the legal industry. Our provision has expanded to include an innovative suite of programmes in International Law, Intellectual Property Law, Maritime Law, Public Procurement Law and Law combined with Banking or Criminology.

For students looking for a more general LLM degree, we offer the general LLM in Law, which enables students to choose from an expansive range of modules depending on their personal preference or the particular areas in which they are keen to develop specialist knowledge.

MBA and MA Degrees

We have joined forces with the prestigious Bangor Business School to offer two MBA Masters degrees combining Banking with Law, and Management with Law. These programmes aim to prepare key executives who will play a central role in the successful management of modern enterprises, and prepare capable banking executives and banking lawyers who will move into key positions in the financial sector. An MA in Banking and Law is for candidates who prefer a more theoretical rather than project based approach to the two disciplines.

Bangor Law School - MBA in Law and Management

Edward Eldoe from India tells us about his experience on the MBA programme in Law and Management...