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Winning in Tendering

'Winning in Tendering' Public Procurement Research Project

“Winning in Tendering” is a 3.7 million Euro, 41 month, strategic project aimed at transforming the public tendering experience of Small Indigenous Suppliers (SISs include both SMEs and Third Sector organisations such as Charities) in the INTERREG Ireland/Wales region.

“Winning in Tendering” is focused on raising the skill levels of SISs to win public sector contracts and enhancing skill levels of public procurers in Wales and Ireland such that they are better able to act in a way that takes into consideration SIS vulnerabilities in their tendering activities. The “Winning in Tendering” project, led by Bangor University Law School's Institute for Competition and Procurement Studies, is part funded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) through the Ireland Wales Programme (INTERREG 4A).

Over the next 3 years the “Winning in Tendering” partners - Bangor University Law School's Institute for Competition and Procurement Studies; Dublin City University’s Strategic Procurement Unit; and the Irish Institute of Purchasing & Materials Management - aim to develop:

  • Legal Educational Guidance and Case Studies in Plain English on the revolutionary 2009 EU Remedies Directive, drawing on Bangor University’s unrivalled expertise.
  • A Supplier Review Programme (adapting methodology from Wales) enabling Irish SISs to learn why they failed to win past tenders, thus improving skills and encouraging SISs to re-enter the tendering game with renewed optimism.
  • A SIS-Friendly Procurement Competency Framework, whereby procurers actively consider SIS vulnerabilities in designing tenders.
  • A bank of relevant Case Studies and Educational guidance to help procurers overcome the negative impacts of below EU threshold advertising, thus improving SIS access to opportunities.
  • An On-Line Diagnostic 'health-check' Educational Tool to allow SISs to self-evaluate their tender readiness.
  • An innovative training programme for procurers and SISs which feature as integral parts of 1-5 above. WIT will also develop a common cross-border Higher Education procurement programme for procurers and SISs.

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