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Genevieve Lamond




Room details:

Thoday Building, room G5a


Postgraduate Certificate in Higher Education, Bangor University

MSc International Natural Resource Development, University of Wales Bangor

BA Hons. Anthropology, University of Wales Lampeter

Diploma in Community Based Adaptation to Climate Change, Center for Sustainable Development

PhD title:

Designing context appropriate agroforestry options for low capacity households in Eastern Uganda and Central Kenya


Dr Fergus Sinclair and Dr Mark Rayment

Research overview:

Using participatory social research methods to understand local knowledge about tree attributes and agro-ecological interactions within the farming system, my aim is to design agroforestry options that are feasible for low capacity rural households in Eastern Uganda and Central Kenya.


Lamond G., Sandbrook L., Gassner A. and Sinclair F.L. (2016) Local knowledge of tree attributes underpins species selection on coffee farms. Experimental Agriculture.

Mutemi M., Njenga M., Kuria A., Lamond G., Ă–born I., Muriuki J., Sinclair F.L. (2017) Using local knowledge to understand challenges and opportunities for enhancing agricultural productivity of smallholder farming systems in Western Kenya. In: Oborn, I., Vanlauwe, B., Phillips, M., Thomas, R., Atta-Krah, K. (eds.) Sustainable Intensification in Smallholder Agriculture: An Integrated Systems Research Approach. London: Routledge.

BENWOOD. 2011. Short rotation forestry and agroforestry in CDM countries and Europe. Compiled by Kaufmann F., Lamond, G., Lange, M., Schaub, J., Siebert, C. and T. Sprenger. The BENWOOD consortium.


Associate Fellowship status with the Higher Education Academy

Member of the Farm Woodland Forum


I'm from Cornwall but moved to Wales to study for a BA Hons. in Anthropology at Lampeter University and then a MSc in International Natural Resource Development at Bangor University which led me into the subject area of agroforestry and local knowledge research. I've been working at Bangor Uni since 2008 and in 2010-11 was based in Kenya at the World Agroforestry Centre (ICRAF). In 2011-12 I studied for a distance learning diploma in Community Based Adaptation to Climate Change. My current work is a mix of research and teaching, largely funded by ICRAF projects, and I recently started a PhD to look at the role of trees in the livelihoods of local capacity households in Kenya and Uganda. Since 2010 I've also been running a charity called Wamumbi Orphan Care Foundation which provides outreach services (emergency relief and workshops on nutrition, kitchen gardening, theatre and music therapy...) to orphaned children and their guardians in Central Kenya.