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Our Team

Prof John Healey

Professor of Forest Sciences

Thoday Building, room S7


Tel: 01248 383703 (from U.K.)
+44 1248 383703 (International)


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image of Dr McDonald

Professor Morag McDonald

Professor of Ecology & Catchment Management

Head of School

Thoday Building, room G17A


Tel: 01248 388076 (from U.K.)
+44 1248 388076 (International)




Professor James McDonald

Professor in Biology (Biotechnology)

F6 Memorial Building


Tel: +44 (0)1248 383492





Dr Lars Markesteijn

Lecturer in Forest Sciences

Room S10, Thoday Building


Tel: 01248 382337 (from UK)
+44 1248 382337 (International)


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Dr Mark Rayment

Senior Lecturer in Forestry

Thoday Building, room F7


Tel: 01248 383634 (from U.K.)
+44 1248 383634 (International)


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Dr James Walmsley

Senior Lecturer in Forestry

Thoday Building, room G6


Tel: 01248 382448 (from U.K.)
+44 1248 382448 (International)


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Dr Andy Smith

Senior Lecturer in Forestry

Thoday Building, room F6A


Tel: 01248 382297 (from U.K.)
+44 1248 382297 (International)


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Dr Sinclair

Dr Fergus Sinclair

Senior Lecturer in Agroforestry

Thoday Building, room F15a


Tel: 01248 382459 (from U.K.)
+44 1248 382459 (International)




image of Dr Tim Pagella

Dr Tim Pagella

Lecturer in Forestry

Thoday Building, room F7a


Tel: 01248 382286 (from U.K.)

+44 1248 382286 (International)



Dr Ruben Valbuena

Lecturer in Forest Sciences/Forest Social Science


Tel: 01248 382445



Dr Isabel Rosaimage of Dr Tim Pagella

Lecturer in Environmental Data and Analysis

Location: Room G1, Thoday Building, School of Natural Sciences, Bangor University


Phone:+44 (0)1248 383642



Dr Eefke Molleeimage of Dr Tim Pagella

Lecturer in Agroforestry/International Development


Tel: 01248 382517



Mrs Bid Web
Teaching Associate


Tel: +44 (0) 1248 382934




Dr Alec Dauncey
Teaching Associate


Tel: 01248 382286 or 01970 630219 (from U.K.)
+44 1248 382286 or +44 1970 630219 (International)


Dr Norman Dandy

Senior Research Fellow in Sustainable Land Use


Tel: 01248 388614



Dr Christine Cahalan

Honorary Senior Lecturer in Silviculture and Genetics


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Dr Mike Hale

Honorary Lecturer in Environmental, Forest and Wood Sciences

Thoday Building, room G19


Tel: 01248 382445 (from U.K.)
+44 1248 382445 (International)


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Mrs Llinos Hughes

Senior Technician, Henfaes Field Station

Henfaes Research Facility


Tel: 01248 681259 (from U.K.)
+44 1248 681259 (International)

Fax: 01248 354997 (from U.K.)
+44 1248 354997 (International)


Mr Mark Hughes


Henfaes Research Facility


Tel: 01248 681259 (from U.K.)
+44 1248 681259 (International)

Fax: 01248 354997 (from U.K.)
+44 1248 354997 (International)


Mr Nigel Brown


Treborth Botanic Gardens


Tel: 01248 353398 (from U.K.)
+44 1248 353398 (International)

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Fritz Kleinschroth

  • Logging road development in the Congo Basin in space and time.
  • (co-supervised with Sylvie Gourlet-Fleury and Plinio Sist, CIRAD, Montpellier).

Géraldine Derroire

  • The influence of early succession species on recovery trajectories in secondary tropical dry forests.
  • (co-supervised with Per Christer Oden and Mulualem Tigabu, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences).

Syed Rahman

  • Increasing Tree cover in agricultural landscapes: what is the trade-off amongst different ecosystem services?
  • (co-supervised with Jette Bredahl Jacobsen and Jens Friis Lund, University of Copenhagen; and Terry Sunderland, CIFOR).

Lucia Morales Barquero

  • Characterizing forest degradation for inclusion in REDD+ schemes: incorporating natural forest disturbance regimes for monitoring of carbon stocks.
  • (co-supervised with Christoph Kleinn, University of Göttingen; Margaret Skutsch, National Autonomous University of Mexico; Richard Lucas, Aberystwyth University.

Fausto Bolom-Ton

  • Drivers of change in ecosystem services offered by tropical montane forest in Chiapas, Mexico: a functional ecology approach.
  • (co-supervised with Bryan Finnegan, CATIE).

Hajar Zamah Shari

  • Assessing the effect of virgin forest reserves (VFRs) on the regeneration of commercial timber species in logged forest.
  • (co-supervised with Abdul Rahman Kassim, FRIM).

Relena Ribbons

  • Tree species effects on soils.
  • (co-supervised with Andy Smith and John Healey, Natural Sciences; Lars Vesterdal, Copenhagen University; and Cindy Prescott, University of British Columbia).

Hosea Mwangi

  • Assessing the potential contribution of Forest in Integrated Water Resource Management: Mara River Basin Case Study in Kenya and Tanzania.
  • (co-supervised with Sopan Patil, Natural Sciences; and Karl-Heinz Feger, University of Dresden).

Kieron Iveson

  • Perceptions of Justice and Equity in Energy Infrastructure: Willingness to Pay for High Voltage Overhead Transmission Lines and Loss of Natural Capital.
  • (co-supervised with Gareth Griffiths, Bangor Business School and Karen Parkhill, Natural Sciences).

Emili3e Smith

  • Local knowledge of land use change in the Democratic Republic of Congo.
  • (co-supervised with Fergus Sinclair).

Eefke Mollee

  • The innovative use of indigenous fruit trees for health and livelihoods in an urbanising world.
  • (co-supervised with Anders Raebild, Copenhagen University) .

Sayma Akhter

  • Conservation of Mangifera sylvatica: a wild forest fruit species for health and livelihoods.
  • (co-supervised with Erik Kjaer, Copenhagen University).

Sioned Haf

  • Community Energy in Wales – Economic and Social Benefits.
  • (co-supervised with Gareth Griffiths, Bangor Business School).

Dominic Wodehouse

  • A World Without Mangroves? Synthesizing a best practice from community management and restoration.
  • (co-supervised with Mark Rayment).

Ismaiel Ismaiel

  • Integrated Water Resources Management in Kurdistan
  • (co-supervised with Graham Bird).

Emma Brown

  • Evaluating fine-scale, spatial and temporal controls on fluxes of greenhouse gases from natural and managed peatlands
  • (co-supervised with Chris Evans (Centre for Ecology and Hydrology) and Davey Jones


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