Internal Quality Audits 

The Quality Assurance and Validation Task Group, on behalf of the University audits Schools on a 6 year rotating basis to examine that all relevant processes and mechanisms for quality and standards are in place, operating effectively and efficiently, with recommended enhancements to teaching and learning.  Any collaborative provision a School is involved in will be included as part of the quality audit.

An audit visit will typically last 1 or 2 full days and involves:

  • Inspection of a self-evaluation document, relevant committee minutes and all other documentation concerned with teaching and learning in a School
  • Meeting(s) with Head of School and staff with responsibility for different aspects of teaching and learning (e.g. examinations, pastoral care, admissions)
  • Meeting(s) with student representatives
  • Meeting(s) with other staff involved in quality assurance and/or teaching and learning (e.g. new staff members / administrators)

The focus of such a visit will be clearly specified to a School in advance but will relate to all taught courses (both undergraduate and postgraduate).  When an Audit team visits a School, the following items will be included in the review:

  • Undergraduate and Postgraduate Courses and Modules
  • Feedback Systems
  • Compliance
  • Staff Development and Training

Following the audit visit, a report will be produced which highlights areas of good practice, and identifies recommendations for the School, for the College and for the University.  The School is required to make a response to the report 12 months from the date of the audit, indicating how it is implementing the recommendations made in the report.