Coronavirus (Covid-19) Information


Code of Practice for Approval, Monitoring & Review

Approval Process for Covid-19 Changes for 2020/21

A cross-University project has developed a proportioate response to maintain our academic standards as we adapt our teaching for 2020/21. The work draws on advice from the QAA, OfS and general guidance provided by the CMA. The aims of this process is to enable Academic and QA staff to focus on those cases where the delivery of programme learning outcomes may be disrupted and to ensure as smooth a transition as possible for students and clear communication of options to them.  Please note that immediate action is required and any documentation needs to arrive at the Quality Assurance & Validation Unit (via Sarah Jackson) by 1st August 2020. 
The primary responsbility for ensuring changes in academic provision is adequately overseen lies with School Directors of Teaching and Learning. A suggested timeline is provided below.

Please read the full details of the Covid 19 QA Process
Template for the  School Covid 19 Plan

Covid 19 Module Changes Form
Covid 19 Programme Amendment Form

Suggested initial process:

  1. Quality Assurance and Validation Unit Briefing with School DTLs, if not already recevied.
  2. School DTLs brief School on process and responsibilities.
  3. Schools decide what, if any changes are required to their modules, collate these changes and pass on to School DTL.
  4. School DTLs complete their School Plan initially for modules and evaluate the level of risk based on the guidance above and advice from the Quality Assurance and Validation Unit .
  5. School DTLs and key staff assess changes to programmes and identify any orange or red risks for programmes within the school.
  6. School DTLs complete the programme section of the School-level plan
  7. Forward School Plan to the Quality Assurance and Validation Unit.
  8. Module Organiser or programme leads complete the module or programme level forms as needed and pass on to School DTL to obtain sign off from DTL and Head of School, and College DTL (for programme-level changes).
  9. School Plans and any module or programme documentation are sent to the QAVU by 1st August 2020.


Approval Process for New Programmes


       This must be completed before the Programme Outline is sent to Corporate Communications and Marketing

New Modules

The deadline for the Quality Assurance and Validation Unit to receive Module Proposal or Revision Forms for 2020/2021 commencement is Tuesday, 4th February 2020

Minor Changes

Assistance with validation procedures

If you need help with the validation procedures then please contact:

  • Ms Wendy Williams (Quality Assurance Officer) ext 8384 [e-mail]
  • Dr. Myfanwy Davies (Head of Quality Assurance and Validation) ext. 3217 [e-mail