All Forms

  • Access to Services for Non-Graduating Visitors [MS Word] [PDF]
  • Application for Visa Extension CAS to Complete Studies [PDF]
  • Application for Visa - Doctorate Extension Scheme [PDF]
  • Change of Mode Form [MS Word] [PDF]
  • Change of Name Notification Form [MS Word] [PDF]
  • Confirmation of Award Request [MS Word] [PDF]
  • Form to Request a copy of a HNC/HND/TEFL/Open Studies certificate [MS Word]
  • Fee Status Form [MS Word] [PDF]
  • Staff Application For Tuition Fee Waiver [MS Word [PDF]
  • Student Self Certificate for Sickness Absence [MS Word]
  • Tuition Fees Refund Form [MS Word] [PDF]

Postgraduate Specific Forms

  • Application Form for Extension to Thesis/Dissertation Submission Deadline [MS Word] [PDF]
  • Application For Admission To A Higher Degree Scheme & Other Postgraduate Courses By Members of Staff and Research Assistants [PDF]
  • Application Form for Temporary Suspension [MS Word] [PDF]
  • Postgraduate Reassessment Form [MS Word] [PDF]
  • Notification of Withdrawal Form [MS Word] [PDF]
  • Declaration Form (Masters dissertations) [MS Word] [PDF]
  • Declaration Form (Research dissertations) [MS Word] [PDF]
  • Reference Form - [MS Word] [PDF]