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Study History at Bangor

Studying History with us

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  • We are a centre of academic excellence offering high-quality, research-led teaching
  • History has been taught at Bangor since the foundation of the University in 1884 – we have a wealth of experience and a strong sense of tradition
  • Our expertise spans medieval, early modern, modern and contemporary history as well as Welsh history, archaeology and heritage
  • We are recognised for outstanding pastoral care and award-winning teaching
  • Bangor is an inspiring location in which to study history, particularly Welsh History in which we have an unrivalled research record
  • The School has an excellent teaching reputation with an emphasis on small group teaching and one-on-one support
  • Our community of students, lecturers and researchers is a friendly and stimulating place to work and study
  • The School has a proven record of research achievement, with the regular publication of books and articles by staff with international reputations in their fields
  • Bangor is located in an area with an outstanding range of archaeology monuments: prehistoric tombs and stone circles, Roman forts, native farmsteads, and medieval castles including the World Heritage sites of Beaumaris, Caernarfon and Conwy
  • Students are encouraged to take part in excavations and there are opportunities to work in the local Archaelogical unit, museums and archives
  • History: Top 10 subject area – Complete University Guide 2020
  • 97% agree ‘Staff are good at explaining things’: History – NSS 2019
  • 97% agree ‘Staff have made the subject interesting’: History – NSS 2019
  • 100% agree ‘the course is intellectually stimulating’: Medieval & Early Modern History – NSS 2019
  • 100% agree ‘Staff are good at explaining things’: Medieval & Early Modern History– NSS 2019
  • 100% agree ‘Staff have made the subject interesting’: Medieval & Early Modern History – NSS 2019

Our courses

Bangor University offers a range of courses suitable for those interested in one or more aspects of History, Heritage and Archaeology.

Our range of degrees aim to accommodate both those seeking to specialise in History or Archaeology, as well as those who wish to study these subjects together. We also offer degree options where you can combine your studies with a subject in another discipline.

Combinations with/and another subject: