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Our Inclusive University Community

Here at Bangor University, we aim to create an open and supportive environment for you to live and study that allows you to be yourself, take advantage of every opportunity afforded by university life and reach your full potential. We welcome diversity to our vibrant community and aspire to make full use of everyone’s talents and knowledge from a wide range of experiences.

Our commitment to equality and inclusivity is more than just a policy; we make our commitment an everyday practice to ensure that students have equal access to support services and feel welcome, respected and valued.

As a university we care for our students and work hard to make sure everyone can get involved. As soon as you arrive at Bangor, you will be introduced to your own Peer Guide who will immediately make you feel welcome, show you around and introduce you to new people. They are a friendly face you can rely on during a time that can be quite daunting when you may be moving away from home for the first time.

Our Peer Guides know exactly what you’re going through and can offer you the support you need to make sure you feel like you belong to Bangor’s community as soon as Welcome Week begins.

For more information about our Peer Guide scheme, visit their website.

This website for students explains about the ways in which we maintain and enhance Bangor’s Inclusive Community, including information about how you, as a student, can get involved or locate support and advice. It details our commitment to promoting equality, celebrating diversity and maintaining a safe campus.

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